October 5, 2015 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the October 05, 2015 update.

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A new update is ready for you. To download this update, and any prior updates you may have missed, just click Help (with TOTAL open), and then click Check for Updates.

In this update, we added even more functionality to the already-powerful SmartAddress. Now you can compare any property in your Comps Database to any property in your report. Want to know what Quality you gave on the property down the street from one of the comps you're using?  Search and compare directly in the SmartAddress window!  This has been a big customer request and should help you find what you need faster.

Search and compare comps directly in the SmartAddress window on any screen!

SmartAddress is also now undockable, meaning you can move it to another screen for reference while continuing to work on your report on your main monitor. SmartAddress will update the data automatically as you move through each field. And, Timeline events are now added as you work in SmartAddress, so you don't have to worry about mistakes. If you accidentally delete or overwrite something important, you can just restore your report to an earlier version.

This update also includes:

  • Small changes that will make searching simpler, including the option to search in "All Folders" of your Appraisal Desktop or just the "Current View".
  • A "Paste Text Only" feature that removes text formatting when pasting from the clipboard. This is available from the right-click menu and via Hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+V).

For the complete list of improvements, take a look at the detailed release notes below. And, as always, thanks again for giving us your thoughts via the Feedback feature inside TOTAL. We read them every day and we can track them much better than standard e‑mails.

The TOTAL Product Team

P.S. In case you missed our previous update messages, click here for the release note archive.

Appraisal Desktop

  • You can now choose to search for reports in your current view or all folders.
  • Delivering a signed, open report now updates the History tab of the Info Pane in the Appraisal Desktop.


  • SmartAddress has new built-in search features.
  • You are now able to continue working on your report while SmartAddress is open.
  • Keyboard navigation inside the SmartAddress window now correctly moves to the desired field based on the Hotkey used.
  • A Timeline event is created when SmartAddress is open.
  • The SmartAddress window can now be minimized to the Windows task bar.
  • Removing an Additional Comparables page while SmartAddress is open also removes the properties from SmartAddress.
  • The SmartAddress window no longer loses focus when copying all data containing photos from a previous version of the report.
  • A comparable photo is no longer copied to the first comp when using the "Copy all data" option for another comparable.

Addenda PowerView

  • A "Paste Text Only" feature that removes text formatting when pasting from the clipboard was added. This feature is available from the right-click menu and via Hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+V).
  • The font settings window will now indicate if the selected text is formatted in Bold.

Contents PowerView

  • Added the ability to remove Additional Comparable pages in any sequence from the Report Contents Panel.

Form Specific

  • Navigation in the 1025 Sales Grid (page three) has been improved.
  • The Yes/No checkboxes on page two of the 1004C Manufactured Home form are now mutually exclusive.
  • The Appraisal Desktop now displays the Front Photo from the Land Subject Photos form in the Preview Pane.
  • Subject map balloons will display a thumbnail image when using a Land Subject Photos page.
  • When appropriate, the checkboxes in the 1004C have been made mutually exclusive.
  • E&O now checks for multiple occupants being selected in the 1025.

E&O PowerView

  • E&O now checks for FHA EAD rule FHA5010: Effective Age must be provided as a whole number. If it's a new property, enter "0".
  • The correct rules are now run when the 1004D Major form has been swapped into a report.

Forms Engine - UAD

  • Real Time Verification (the red box) will no longer check the Effective Age field.

Sketch PowerView

  • Sketch images downloaded from TOTAL for Mobile are now automatically displayed in the Sketch PowerView.
  • Sketch Preview now displays the sketch when using a Canadian major form.
  • You can now overwrite an existing sketch when using a Canadian major form.

Report Delivery

  • Reports delivered via the VSS plug in no longer erroneously display a message that the report has been modified since the last Pre-Delivery Check.
  • When saving XML and PDF to your PC, the dialog box no longer references Mercury Desktop and now references TOTAL Connect.


  • Changes made to the Condition of Improvements in TOTAL for Mobile are now reflected when the report is downloaded into a new report in TOTAL.
  • Minor forms are now merged when downloading a mobile report from the cloud into a report containing a different major form.

Assignment PowerView

  • Instead of being the same as the FHA/VA Case Number, you can now change the Other File Number to any other option without choosing None first.


  • Updating TOTAL now verifies all program files and attempts to correct any incorrect files.

Comps Database

  • The Comps Database no longer displays an error when closing immediately after performing a search.

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