May 19, 2015 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the May 19, 2015 update.

Document 6339  |  Last updated:  05/19/2015 MJY

This update introduces SmartAddress. This new tool checks subject and comp addresses for prior uses and inconsistencies. As soon as you type the address, it tells you exactly how many times you've used it before. From there, compare all of your previous data side‑by‑side. SmartAddress flags inconsistencies with red text and warning icons. You can then merge in entire records or pick and choose the data you want to reuse.

TOTAL will automatically copy property information from prior reports into your database. So, if you haven't been using the Comps Database regularly, we'll have you covered without extra steps.

It's easy to see how SmartAddress will help you save time and avoid Collateral Underwriter flags. And when a field — like condition rating — rightfully needs to change from what you previously reported, you'll know at a glance what you need to note in order to prevent questions.

For the complete list of improvements, take a look at the detailed release notes below. And, as always, thanks again for giving us your thoughts via the Feedback feature inside TOTAL. We read them every day and we can track them much better than standard e‑mails.

The TOTAL Product Team

P.S. In case you missed our previous update messages, click here for the release note archive.


  • A rare issue that removed the report's signature after the report was opened has been resolved.
  • Recovered reports are now saved in the correct location.
  • Printing a WinTOTAL report in TOTAL and then opening the report in TOTAL now works correctly.
  • Printing a report from WinTOTAL Aurora that's never been opened in TOTAL before no longer removes photos from the report.
  • Recently saved contacts information will not be overwritten when editing user license information when signing reports in a networked environment.
  • The Table of Contents page numbering no longer gets out of sync when using a multi-page text addendum form.

side‑by‑side PowerView

  • SmartAddress has been added to alert the user of any prior uses and flags inconsistencies for subject and comp addresses. The user can then merge in all or partial data from the previous reports.
  • Bird's Eye View maps will now properly geocode the address and display a map.
  • Above Grade Room Counts now transfer into the side‑by‑side Detailed View when using the GP Residential, 1004C, 1004 non-UAD, and 2055 non-UAD forms.

Forms PowerView

  • Improved the Find & Replace function when the Entire Report option is selected.
  • A rare issue that generates an unexpected error after removing the major form has been resolved.

Assignment PowerView

  • Other File Number will automatically be set to "Same As FHA/VA Case Number" when an FHA/VA Case number is entered in order to comply with the upcoming FHA requirement to include the case number in the MISMO XML version of the report.

MLS Text File Importer

  • Trying to map a Source field to a Destination field that's already mapped or has a cleanup rule that inserts text into an unmapped field will now present an error message.
  • We added additional forms that can be mapped in the Destination Form dropdown.
  • We added the ability to match Source Fields to more Destination Form Fields, like Above Grade Room Count and Garage/Carport.
  • The cleanup rule changes will be displayed immediately after closing the cleanup rule window.
  • An error message is no longer displayed when using the navigation keys to move the cursor within a destination form field.
  • Dates mapped to the Date of Sale/Time fields are now cleaned up to remove unnecessary data, such as timestamp.
  • Fields listed in the Clean Up tool are now listed alphabetically.
  • Clicking "Finish" when no comparables are marked for import now displays a warning that nothing will be imported.
  • Text can now be entered in destination fields when importing properties using the MLS Text File Importer.
  • Using an MLS export file that contains blank columns no longer causes TOTAL to stop responding.
  • The total number of properties being imported is now displayed.
  • In step 2, the Destination Form fields will be displayed in Detailed View for forms that support it, or Standard View for forms that do not support the view.
  • The form selection in step 2 of the MLS Text Importer is now filtered by regional settings.

Comps Database

  • The Comp Details grid will be either in Detailed or Standard View based on the report form's ability to display comparables in Detailed or Standard View.
  • The report's subject and comparable properties are automatically added to the Comps Database when signing the report.
  • Using the Tab key within the Comps Details section of the Comps Database no longer causes an unexpected error.
  • The Comps Database details pane will no longer display a different record for the same property if the property has multiple prior uses in the database.


  • Merging from a report that has comparable photo pages out of sequence now ensures that the photos match the comparable they are assigned to.

Forms Engine

  • A rare issue that could change the comparable Above-Grade bathroom counts after using the Change Case tool has been resolved.
  • A low pixel border no longer appears around certain headers on the Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services LASS-O Appraiser Valuation Opinion Additional Comparables and Additional Listings forms.
  • The Real Time Validation (RTV) warning is not displayed on Additional Comparable pages added in the side‑by‑side PowerView.
  • Data entered into Sales Comparable's Garage/Carport UAD trigger fields is no longer transferred to the subject Garage DFE on page 2 of the 1073UAD and 1075UAD major forms.
  • Linked Worksheet cell values are no longer pushed once a report has been signed.
  • The field for the number of pages in a report in a GP form will no longer be automatically updated when signing the report if the field has been locked.

Errors and Omissions

  • The E&O will bring attention to both the Effective Date and Date of Inspection if either date is in the future.
  • Re-enabled the new E&O rule which compares the site adjustments against the disparity between the Subject and Comparable site areas.
  • We added a new UAD warning if Street Type or Alley Type is blank but the Public or Private checkboxes are checked. If Public or Private checkboxes are both unchecked, only "None" is allowed in the Type field.
  • E&O now checks Contract Price instead of Market Value if it is over $1,000,000 and if the signing Appraiser and Supervisory Appraiser are certified.
  • An incorrect mismatch error for basement fields has been resolved and will no longer appear.

Report Delivery

  • Corrected an issue where DataCourier stated that it would deliver an XML+ PDF for forms that would only deliver PDF.


  • The 12/2014 IRS W-9 forms have been re-added to the list of forms available in the Contents dialog.

Updated Forms

  • Updated Branch Banking & Trust Restricted Use Validation Report.

New Forms

  • Added Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services LASS-O Appraiser Valuation Opinion form.

Map Wizard

  • Updated the correct keyboard hotkey shortcuts that are used in the map wizard.
  • If a property doesn't have an MSA number, the form field is left blank.

Digital Signatures

  • The dates of signature and report will no longer revert after saving and closing when a supervisor signature is used.
  • Signing securely and selecting the option to "Insert SureDocs verbiage in the major form's General Comments" now inserts line breaks before the SureDocs verbiage.
  • Removing the Secure Signature now removes the SureDocs verbiage text from General Comments.

TOTAL Store Integration

  • A message providing additional details and options is shown when you try to use a TOTAL Store product/service, but there are no more credits left.

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