October 16, 2014 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the October 16, 2014 update.

Document 6333  |  Last updated:  02/15/2017 ACN

This update focuses on stability improvements and fixes. One notable issue that has been fixed in this update is automatically populating the property address into the search bar after selecting an image in the Photos PowerView.

Check out the notes below for all of the changes in this update. And, as always, thanks again for giving us your thoughts via the Feedback feature inside TOTAL. We read them every day and we can track them much better than standard e‑mails.

The TOTAL Product Team

P.S. In case you missed our previous update messages, click here for the release note archive.

Photos PowerView

  • Clicking the property images in the Photos PowerView will automatically populate the address into the search bar.

Mobile Sync/Data Integration

  • We corrected an issue which could prevent mobile photos taken using a third-party app from displaying after downloading reports to TOTAL.
  • Syncing a report that contains a sketch will no longer prevent TOTAL Sketch from updating.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause comp data from merging properly when downloading a report from the cloud into an existing TOTAL report.
  • We fixed an issue which could cause the Order Form fields to be blanked out when merging in data from a third party application.
  • We resolved a rare issue that could cause subject photos to be replaced by duplicates when downloading a report from the cloud.
  • We fixed a rare issue where an open area in the sketch could cause the report to fail to upload to the cloud.
  • We fixed an issue that could prevent data from merging into a closed TOTAL report if WinTOTAL Aurora was installed on the system.
  • We now display a message when the TOTAL for Mobile sync process has finished merging your report into a selected report from the Appraisal Desktop.

Forms Engine

  • Double clicking an image that has been added via the Browse button on the Image Tools strip will no longer highlight the descriptions fields of the photo above it.  
  • Reports open outside File Cabinet folders will prompt for saving report in the file cabinet on the first save.
  • We fixed an issue where the Lender/Client could overwrite the Borrower field.
  • Form scrolling was improved for those whose Windows system option "Show Window Contents While Dragging" is disabled.
  • We corrected an issue that caused the comparable Net Adjustment Total explanation to display in a font which is too large for the space provided.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause data in the Above Grade Room Count section to disappear when rearranging Comps after merging Comp data from another report.


  • Closing a report with unsaved changes now displays how long it has been since the report was last saved.
  • We fixed an issue related to address spacing when adjusting the subject font size on the Condo 1073UAD form.
  • We resolved an issue that could cause TOTAL not to prompt to remove the signature on signed reports when making changes.
  • The property type description in the Rearrange Properties tool was changed from "Comparable" to "Sales".
  • The verbiage on the report locked dialog was updated to be clearer and eliminate possible confusion.
  • Invalid TOTAL network configurations for workstation installs will no longer cause the application to fail to open.
  • We removed the word “Clone” from the “Overwrite all target fields” option in SmartMerge to prevent confusion.

Worksheet PowerView

  • Double-clicking on a linked field in the undocked Worksheet PowerView now places focus on the corresponding form field.
  • Deleting a column on the right side of a linked cell no longer causes the link to shift to the left.
  • Deleting or clearing an entire Comp that contains links to the Worksheet no longer causes TOTAL to stop responding.
  • Inserting a column on the right side of a linked cell no longer causes the linked cell's background color to disappear.
  • Selecting a cell that is linked to a Dynamic Field Expansion trigger field now places the cursor in the respective field instead of the first field within the Dynamic Field Expansion.
  • The background color of a linked cell is no longer lost when the cell is shifted due to deleting a different linked cell.
  • A message is now displayed when attempting to remove a cell that is adjacent to a merged cell.

Appraisal Desktop

  • We added the ability to copy data from the Invoice and Order tabs using the CTRL+C shortcut.
  • We fixed an issue that could prevent certain invoices from being added to the report from the Info Pane in the Appraisal Desktop.
  • Form previews for Aurora reports will remain available after switching to a different tab in the Info Pane.
  • The File menu now contains options for Timeline and Send to Vault.
  • External directories can now be attached using the right-click menu in the Folders panel.
  • The History tab in the Info Pane is now updated when delivering a signed report from the Appraisal Desktop.
  • The verbiage in the Print drop‑down menu and file menu has been updated to remove repetitive words.
  • The Upload and Download buttons in the right-click menu of the Appraisal Desktop have been consolidated under the "Mobile Sync" fly-out menu.
  • We upgraded the Appraisal Desktop Info Pane to handle Athena reports much more efficiently.


  • An E&O warning was updated to allow for no directional indicator to be entered if the Proximity to the Subject is 0.00.

Form Specific

  • Both checkboxes related to services provided can now be checked on the Appraisal Update/Completion Report forms (1004D2 and 1004DM2).
  • Signature location on the forms 71A and 71A [old] has been adjusted to the correct locations.
  • After using the spacebar to check either the Concrete Slab or Crawl Space checkboxes on the 2055UAD form the cursor will be moved to the Exterior Walls field.
  • We added to the right-click menu selection the option to display DFE fields by selecting the "Show dynamic field expansion" option.
  • New form: Hud-92541 Builder's Certificate
  • New form: ValuationLink Appraiser Certified Evaluation
  • New form: LandSafe Disaster Inspection Interior Report [Major form]
  • New form: LandSafe Disaster Inspection Interior Report
  • New form: LandSafe Disaster Inspection Exterior Report [Major form]
  • New form: LandSafe Disaster Inspection Exterior Report
  • New Canadian form: CNAREA Land Appraisal Report
  • New Canadian form: CNAREA Appraisal Report
  • New Canadian form: CNAREA Restricted Appraisal Report
  • New Canadian form: CNAREA Appraisal Limiting Conditions & Certifications Addendum
  • New Canadian form: CNAREA Appraisal Special Limitations Addendum

Side‑by‑Side PowerView

  • Property type descriptions for Comparable Sales was changed from "Comparable" to "Sales".

Workfile PowerView

  • Previewing EMF and WMF file types in the Workfile PowerView no longer displays an error.


  • SafeStart now installs the required Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework. For more information, click here.

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