June 10, 2014 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the June 10, 2014 update.

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A new update will be ready for you tomorrow. To download this new update, plus any prior updates you may have missed, just click Help (with TOTAL open), and then click Check for Updates.

This update focuses on a number of performance and stability improvements you'll appreciate. Two of the most noticeable improvements are:

  • Text will no longer cut off in multi-line fields in the PDF version of your report.
  • The form will no longer scroll on its own when you place your cursor in a form field.

Check out the notes below for all of the changes in this update. And, as always, thanks again for giving us your thoughts via the Feedback feature inside TOTAL. We read them every day and we can track them much better than standard e‑mails.

Stay tuned for our next update, which introduces delivery from Appraisal Desktop, without having to open the report.

The TOTAL Product Team

P.S. In case you missed our previous update messages, click here for the release note archive.


  • We resolved an issue that could cause letters to be cut off when a report printed to PDF.
  • SmartBrowser will now launch even if it fails to detect the default web browser's settings.
  • SmartBrowser can now use browser favorites even if the default browser is not Internet Explorer on Windows Vista computers and higher.

Forms Engine

  • We fixed an issue that could cause the form to scroll too far when navigating into certain fields.
  • Changing the default data font will now apply the change to all open reports.
  • We resolved an issue that could allow, in rare circumstances, checkboxes in signed reports to be checked or unchecked by pressing the space bar.
  • We fixed an issue that could prevent the DFE popup of the Indicated Value by Sales Comparison Approach in the GP Land form to be displayed in certain screen resolutions.
  • Removing Comparable Images pages out of sequence will no longer change the page’s numerical sequence of another Comparable Images page.
  • The data form locked DFE trigger fields will now parse into the DFE popup fields

QuickPix Database/Photos PowerView

  • We fixed a rare issue that could cause TOTAL to close unexpectedly when modifying image descriptions.
  • Placing an image from Images on Disk onto a photo page no longer causes Images on Disk to refresh.
  • Subject address now shows on the photos slot for the Individual Unit PUD Addendum 1-3 form when in the Photos PowerView.
  • We resolved an issue where dragging a photo would not transfer the description to the 6 Digital Photo and 15 Digital Photo pages.
  • We added the ability to delete more than one image at a time from the QuickPix Database or Images on Disk tab.

Appraisal Desktop

  • WinTOTAL Aurora file folders that have been moved or copied from the original WinTOTAL folder location can now be added in TOTAL as attached directories.
  • External drives will no longer display in the Appraisal Desktop after they have been disconnected.
  • We made additional performance improvements to the File Manager.
  • We resolved a rare issue related to copying and moving files, whose file names have changed on a standalone installation of TOTAL.
  • Copying and moving files on a standalone TOTAL installation will no longer cause error messages.

QuickBooks Wizard

  • Exporting reports to QuickBooks now includes payment information from the report.

Forms Engine - UAD

  • Entering non-compliant data into the Design (Style) or the Garage/Carport trigger fields will no longer automatically lock the fields.

Form Specific

  • New form - Individual Unit PUD Addendum form - 1004PUD.
  • New form - Residential Valuation Services (RVS) - Desktop Appraisal [03/2014]


  • We fixed an issue that could cause TOTAL to close unexpectedly if the contacts database contains many records.
  • The “Contents” function is now also accessible from the Forms menu of the main toolbar.
  • The “Insert Page” function is now also accessible from the Forms menu of the main toolbar.
  • We corrected an issue that displayed the quotation marks on the Pre-Foreclosure Addendum form at the bottom of the line.
  • We resolved an issue that could cause reports to remain locked after closing them.
  • The Backup Databases tool in the Tech Support Assistant has been updated to accommodate larger databases that may take longer to backup.
  • We corrected an issue where in some rare cases closing TOTAL after recovering a report would not prompt to save the report.


  • We added a new E&O check that alerts if the UAD trigger fields’ data doesn’t match the corresponding DFE fields’ data.


  • TOTAL Sketch will now be installed as a standalone program allowing for more frequent TOTAL Sketch updates that are independent of formfiller updates.
  • We corrected a rare issue that could prevent third-party sketcher integration when Internet connectivity was temporarily lost.

Side‑by‑Side PowerView

  • Using the =# function for Quality of Construction when the drop‑down list is open will now update the fields with the appropriate data.


  • Exporting QuickLists created while on an addendum page will now also retain their formatting, i.e. bold, italics, underline, etc.

Worksheets PowerView

  • The Worksheet split-screen can no longer be opened while the Worksheet PowerView is undocked.

TOTAL Dashboard

  • We added the Tech Support Assistant and the Aurora Transition Assistant in the TOTAL Dashboard for quick and easy access to these tools. Please note that the Aurora Transition Assistant is only available if WinTOTAL Aurora is installed on the computer.


  • We corrected an issue that could cause SafeStart to install older fonts in rare circumstances.

Configuration Settings

  • Setting changes made in the Photos tab of the Configuration Settings window now apply immediately and no longer require that TOTAL restarts.
  • New SmartMerge setting to "Include text formatting" lists in parentheses bold, italics, underline, and fonts to provide clarity about the formatting being merged.

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