June 6, 2013 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the June 06, 2013 update.

Document 6308  |  Last updated:  06/06/2013 MJY

This update continues on our path to giving you performance boosts and more stability, along with bug fixes. And that's where our focus will stay for the next few updates. We're making fast progress and pretty soon you'll start getting more new features beyond the ones already in TOTAL.

Straddling the gap connecting both bug fixes and new features, this update changes how you deliver reports. Everything will be handled from now on with our new TOTAL Connect system, which is a vast improvement and much more reliable than our older XSite Order Manager (which wasn't designed for TOTAL, and created problems for some users). But don't worry, your workflow won't change much because everything is so tightly integrated. You'll also appreciate the added compliance features that XSite Order Manager was lacking.

Here are the most noticeable improvements in this update (see the full release notes below):

  • Entering the year built into the subject and comps actual age will result in the calculation of the actual age.
  • We optimized several areas to boost stability and reliability, especially when TOTAL is left open for extended periods of time.
  • All report delivery will be handled with TOTAL Connect, rather than XSite Order Manager. Delivery options will be consolidated in the "Deliver via TOTAL Connect" toolbar and Tools menu.
  • The "Convert address to USPS standard" option in the Report Transfer section of Settings will correctly mark the address as standardized in the E&O.
  • We added support for many new UAD "hard stop" errors going into effect in June 2013.
  • Per Fannie Mae guidelines, SmartAdjust will make Date of Sale adjustments based on the Contract Date by default, rather than the Settled Date. If you prefer to use the Settled Date, you can choose to switch back via a new option in the Settings menu.
  • The Appointment Date and Invoice Date fields will include a calendar option that helps you choose a date.
  • Data entered into the sales comparison grid will correctly transfer back into page one.
  • With optimized form navigation, moving between fields will be faster.
  • Data will properly merge into a report after using "Look for" to search for the source report.
  • Merging from a report with a locked field will no longer overwrite data within the target report.
  • Merging a report with the "Selected forms in report" option will only include contacts from the selected sections.

Thanks again for giving us your thoughts via the Feedback feature inside TOTAL. Several of these changes came directly from the Feedback option, which obviously is the whole point. We read them every day and we can track them much better than standard emails. Please keep them coming and we'll keep making TOTAL better.

That's all for now, but expect another update very soon.

The TOTAL Product Team

P.S. In case you missed our previous update messages, click here for the release note archive.

Addenda PowerView/Addenda split‑screen

  • Merging from a report with multiple addenda will set the correct overflow addendum.
  • Focus will no longer be lost when attempting to use QuickLists in the addenda.

Appraisal Desktop

  • The "Total Due" will display correctly in the Appraisal Desktop.
  • Attempting to open a report from the Aurora "Reports" folder after searching for the report in the Appraisal Desktop will prompt you to move or copy the report.
  • We optimized the interaction between TOTAL and large external drives, preventing the connection from negatively impacting the performance of TOTAL.
  • Dragging a folder from "My Reports" or "Shared Reports" into the Aurora "Reports" folder will move that folder into Aurora.

Assignment PowerView

  • Contacts will not remain associated to a company after editing the contact and removing the association from the Assignment PowerView.
  • Right clicking a contact in the drop‑down menu from the Assignment PowerView will no longer display the context menu for recent responses.

Comps Database

  • Placing a comp into a report with multiple photos will place the Subject Front photo for that property into the report.

MLS Text File Importer

  • We corrected an issue that caused certain clean up rules to incorrectly display data in the MLS Text File Importer.


  • The Dashboard button will display a tooltip.
  • The Dashboard will display correctly after minimizing and restoring the window from the Windows Taskbar.

E&O PowerView

  • Running E&O rules on an order from Rels will work properly.
  • UAD hard stops will display a new icon.

Forms Engine

  • Font formatting such as bold, italic and underline can be applied to the appropriate fields.
  • Overflowing to the addenda from a letter‑sized major form will now add a letter‑sized addendum to the report.
  • The option to automatically add a comparables photo page when adding a comp will now add a letter‑sized page when the report contains a letter‑sized major form.


  • The AI Ready folder in "Add or Remove Forms" will be renamed to reflect AI 4.9 specifications.
  • Zoom controls will correctly adjust signature size.
  • Additional improvements will be added to ensure proper backup of recovered files.
  • The size of the "Report Contents" panel will no longer change inadvertently.
  • Pressing Alt + F4 on the keyboard to close a window will close only the active window instead of all TOTAL windows.
  • Properties without a geocode will now be geocoded when the address is converted to USPS Standards.
  • TOTAL will no longer fail to open when it encounters a corrupted settings file.
  • Changing the name of the server computer in a networked environment will no longer prevent TOTAL from opening.

Image Optimizer

  • The option to "Show the Image Optimizer whenever an image is added to a page" will work correctly.

Photos PowerView

  • Dragging an image from the image strip into a photo slot will correctly add that image to the QuickPix Database.
  • You can use a forward slash ("/") when searching the QuickPix database in a networked environment.


  • The "Create a separate PDF for each invoice" option will work correctly when printing to PDF.
  • It'll be easier to select the option to include a page for printing.
  • Net and gross percentages will print properly for reports upgraded from Aurora.

QuickLists/Recent Responses

  • QuickList entries for the "Data Source(s)" will be shared across the subject and all comparables.
  • A warning will be provided if a newly created QuickList entry will overwrite an existing entry.
  • Recent responses will no longer be shared between the UAD and non‑UAD versions of a form.
  • Recent responses will be shared between the Side‑by‑Side and Forms PowerView for the Data Source(s) field in the sales comparison grid.

Report Delivery

  • All report delivery will be handled with TOTAL Connect, rather than XSite Order Manager. Delivery options will be consolidated in the "Deliver via TOTAL Connect" toolbar and Tools menu.
  • TOTAL Connect will be installed immediately after installing TOTAL or downloading an update.
  • The options to send a TOTAL report or PDF via e‑mail will now be located under the new "Share" icon on the toolbar.

Side‑by‑Side PowerView

  • The Detailed View and SmartAdjust will be enabled for the Manufactured Home [Form 1004C] form.
  • Using the "=" feature to copy information from another property will bring over the neighborhood field.
  • Locked fields will no longer be updated by SmartAdjust.
  • The Square Foot Adjuster will no longer place a zero in the adjustment field when the Gross Living Area of a comparable is identical to the subject.
  • Using the arrow keys to move around in the Side‑by‑Side will place the cursor into the correct field.


  • Fields present only in the order form and not in the target report's major form will properly merge.


  • An occasional error will no longer occur when choosing "Table of Contents Screen" from the SmartStart screen.

Tech Support Assistant

  • Running the "Recreate program group icons" option of the Tech Support Assistant will place a shortcut to TOTAL on the desktop.
  • We're adding a new "Remove hidden attributes from files" option to the Tech Support Assistant to easily remove the "hidden" attribute from reports and settings files.
  • When submitting a support request, the "Callback phone #" will be automatically populated with the phone number from your account instead of your customer number.

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