April 11, 2013 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the April 11, 2013 update.

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This update officially launches TOTAL out of the Labs. It's a Labs graduate!

During the Labs Preview process, we've received a flood of positive feedback messages and made constant improvements based on what appraisers told us. The response was overwhelmingly positive. And, we added features such as the MLS Importer, a brand new QuickPix Importer, TOTAL Store integration with Apex v5 and PhoenixSketch, dozens of interface enhancements, and more. TOTAL will keep getting better with each update too — there's a lot more in store.

Addenda PowerView

  • Corrected an issue where the right click menu would not show on the addenda in certain instances.
  • Forcing overflow to the addendum will copy/move the text into the correct location in the addendum.

Aurora Transition Assistant

  • The user will be prompted to manually crop the signature the first time it is used if a user's signature file does not get automatically cropped during the transfer and it needs to be cropped.

Comparables Database

  • Correcting the geocoding of a comparable will now correctly center on the property after it is updated.

Configuration Settings

  • Configuring automatic login for TOTAL users now validates the password prior to saving.
  • "Ask before saving changes" option now functions correctly.

Competitor File Converter

  • ClickForms, Wilson, and SFRep reports containing UAD forms can now be converted.

Report Delivery

  • Invoices can now be printed separately from the report and are attached automatically to the e‑mail if the option is enabled.


  • E&O will now run on forms "Summary Appraisal Report - Residential" and "Summary Appraisal Report - Land" without generating error messages.

File Manager

  • The File Manager now shows changes immediately after a report's invoice is edited.
  • You can now mark a report as paid from the Appraisal Desktop.

Forms Engine

  • Placing QuickLists into the data source field in the data source dynamic field expansion no longer puts the QuickList into comparable 1 as well.
  • Attempting to save a report while it is locked open by another program will now show a message that an error occurred saving the report, and will let you try to save again or save as a different report.
  • Entering a decimal percentage adjustment in the grid now calculates correctly.
  • Replace all will no longer replace text on the forms that should not be replaced, such as the company name at the top of each form.
  • Using "Enter" to navigate through the sales comparison grid of 1073 UAD form now functions correctly.

Forms PowerView

  • Default data fonts are now applied correctly.
  • Form bullet icons are now visible on the main form toolbar while in the addenda split screen view.
  • The proper page of the major form is now highlighted in the Report Contents Pane when jumping to a subsection of a major form page using Report Contents.
  • Using the left/right arrow keys will now navigate through text in a field and into the adjacent corresponding fields correctly.
  • Spell Check will now ignore addresses that have been USPS standardized.


  • The Select or Create TOTAL User screen will no longer display twice when opening TOTAL on a workstation for the first time.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause pen input mode to not function on some devices.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause the signature date of the report to revert to an older signed date.
  • Corrected an issue where in some cases TOTAL would not display the same information for a report in TOTAL as it does in Aurora.
  • Data entered into the SmartStart screen is no longer overwritten by data being merged in from another report.
  • Improved performance when opening a report.

Image Optimizer

  • Annotating large photos (such as a plat map) will now place the annotations in the correct spot.

Map Wizard

  • The Map Wizard window now allows you to adjust the window size to fit the size of the map.
  • Un-checking a checkbox during the standardized address step of the Map Wizard no longer causes the map to not be placed into the report.

Photos PowerView

  • Photos can now be pasted between reports into the same form and photo slot they were copied from.


  • The option to create a separate .PDF of the invoice is now included when printing to .PDF.
  • The TOTAL print engine now remembers which pages were marked for printing after closing and re-opening a report.

QuickPix Importer

  • A message is now displayed when attempting to load previews on a source folder that contains no images.
  • Drop‑down entries can now be selected by using the "Tab" key.
  • Photo tools now display when placing the cursor over the photo, instead of requiring the photo be clicked.
  • You can now select multiple fields by holding down "Shift" and clicking on the fields.

Side‑by‑Side PowerView

  • SmartAdjust now correctly adjusts comparables that are placed from the Comps Database.
  • A grab-handle has been added to the properties that display in the Side‑by‑Side to indicate they can be dragged to rearrange them.

Sketch PowerView

  • Sketch calculations are now cleared after altering the sketch on a mobile device.
  • The "Sketch With" drop‑down has been removed from the left pane and now appears as a toolbar option.


  • Searching for reports via the merge screen now searches all folders listed.

TOTAL for Mobile

  • QuickNotes for photos imported from TOTAL for Mobile now get placed next to the photo in the report on the desktop.
  • The TOTAL Data Import merge option will default to any open report.

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