March 28, 2013 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the March 28, 2013 update.

Document 6302  |  Last updated:  05/10/2013 MJY

This update contains improvements to many areas of TOTAL.

Addenda PowerView

  • The header labels for fields that overflow to the Addenda are now black instead of gray.

Assignment PowerView

  • The position in the order form no longer moves when changing the Order Form Options.
  • Fonts can now be changed from the Assignment PowerView.
  • The Automatic Internal Order Number feature now displays the day as a two digit number instead of one.
  • The drop downs for "Same As" settings now function properly after clearing Client or Lender information using Ctrl+K.
  • The scroll wheel will now scroll the list of contacts when expanded.
  • The setting for "Print X copies of the highlighted page" now shows the correct default value when printing in the Assignment PowerView.

Aurora Transition Assistant

  • Corrected a problem that could cause invalid information to transfer from Aurora and prevent TOTAL from opening.
  • Recent Responses are now transferred using the Aurora Transition Assistant.

Comparable Database

  • The Comps Database will now open if an appraisal report is locked open.
  • Clicking the Configure button in the New Search window will now open the Configure Search window.
  • Red subject pins on the map can be selected without error.
  • Right-clicking a comparable in the Grid view will now select the comparable.
  • The information shown for pushpins on the Comps Map now open and close correctly.
  • The Map View now default opens centered on a valid subject address, or it opens to wide shot of United States if there isn't one.
  • You can create a new report from a property in the Comps Database using the File‑>Save As option.
  • Placing properties from the Comparables Database now places the correct photo with the property into the Side‑by‑Side.
  • Panning away from a property and centering on it again now works properly.
  • Using the Save as Report feature will bring over the ZIP code instead of leaving it out of the address information.
  • Closing the Comparables Database no longer causes the Appraisal Desktop to close.
  • Comparables can now be exported to .CSV.
  • Comps Database settings (IQ Search, Map, and Grid column layout) are now changed when switching users without closing and reopening TOTAL.
  • The Comps Database Reconciliation window correctly centers on the subject first, then the address in office settings if the subject isn't available.
  • The Reconciliation window in Comps Database correctly geocodes and saves the new address information.

Configurations Settings

  • The Appraisal Desktop now opens correctly from the Start menu when the Forms View is selected as the initial view to be seen when opening TOTAL.

Digital Signatures

  • New cropping tool allows you to crop a large signature image.
  • An issue which could cause two Seals to show when signing reports in TOTAL has been resolved.
  • Invoices are now included with the PDF when signing a report securely.


  • Running an E&O check on the One-Unit Field Review (Form 2000) form now works correctly.
  • The Date of Sale/Time field will now display an E&O warning if the settlement date entered is in the future.

Form PowerView

  • Changed Effective Age back to be able to use a number range instead of just a number.
  • Changing a zero to a greater number in the Basement and Finished field will now transfer the zeroes into the Rooms Below Grade field instead of leave them in the Dynamic Field Expansion.
  • The Effective Age will no longer be removed when including the Cost Approach.
  • Applying the default data font to a report works correctly across all forms in the report.
  • Changing the font in the Additional Comments field now only changes the text highlighted instead of other text within that field.
  • Copying text from the clipboard into the Neighborhood Boundaries field functions correctly.
  • Corrected a problem that could cause the default data font to be overwritten by opening a report with a different font.
  • Corrected a problem that could cause typing into certain fields to be slow with the Comps Database open.
  • Drop‑down lists no longer display with the "Show drop‑down lists for fields" option unchecked.
  • In the site section of URAR, site dimensions and area square footage calculate and transfer correctly when entering more than 3 sides.
  • Merging a report with a split major form retains that split in the new report.
  • The <New> option no longer displays once all entries have been filtered with the "Enable Auto-complete for drop‑down lists" option set.
  • The Days on Market field on page 1 is no longer removed after entering data into the Data Source(s) field on page 2 of the URAR.
  • The drop‑down list will not overlap fields when typing text directly into a multi-line field.
  • The scroll wheel will now work correctly in the Report Contents panel.
  • Using the shortcut to Bold, Italicize, or Underline text and then immediately using the same shortcut to Undo it no longer removes the text.
  • You can now use the Enter key to select a QuickList from the drop‑down in a multi‑line field with your options set to show QuickLists in the drop‑down list with autocomplete turned on.
  • You can now use the up or down keys to navigate fields without drop‑downs showing with the "automatically show drop‑down" option set.


  • A problem preventing certain WinTOTAL Aurora reports from opening into TOTAL has been fixed.
  • An issue has been corrected which would prevent TOTAL from opening when registered as a Demo in certain scenarios.
  • Corrected a rare issue that would cause TOTAL to lock up when switching PowerViews.
  • Corrected an issue that could lead to AutoSave occurring too frequently.
  • Corrected an issue that could lead to TOTAL closing when printing to PDF or signing a report securely.
  • Finished Basement data is retained when opening an Aurora report in TOTAL.
  • Font changes no longer cause Subject and Comparable addresses to lose USPS standardization for UAD compliance.
  • Opening reports attached to an e‑mail no longer saves changes to a temporary location.
  • QuickLists for Dynamic Field Expansion comment fields are now shared with the DFE trigger field.
  • Spell checking address fields no longer causes USPS standardization to be cleared.
  • TOTAL now opens maximized by default.
  • Instant Customer Update: Instant Customer Update now correctly shuts down all applicable TOTAL processes before installing updates.

Photos PowerView

  • The filter to show photos in reports now shows the correct set of photos.
  • QuickLists are now the same for all photo description fields regardless of the Photo form.


  • A problem has been resolved which could cause certain sketch images to not be shown when printing to PDF.
  • The "Print a separate PDF for each invoice" checkbox is now enabled by default when an Invoice is included to print.

Side‑by‑Side PowerView

  • An RTV warning is now shown in Date of Sale/Time field if a Contract Date is entered and "Unknown" box is selected for Contract Date.
  • Checkboxes in the Date of Sale/Time field transfer correctly when pushed to other Comparables using the F2 key or = key to copy data from another property.
  • Copy/Paste and F2 now transfer text into the Neighborhood Field correctly.
  • Field Formatting is retained when switching between the Side‑by‑Side PowerView and other PowerViews.
  • SmartAdjust works with Detailed View open or closed for items without child fields.
  • Sorting comparables will now place blank comparables at the end.
  • The pop‑up window will now show correctly for the "Appraisal Report - Agricultural Tract form (Form ALM2161A)".
  • Zeroes entered into child fields within the Detailed View transfer correctly to the corresponding parent field.
  • When opening an Aurora report in TOTAL, Detailed View no longer places zeros into blank fields for Below Grade Full and Half Bath.
  • The Proximity to Subject field data is no longer removed from the report after deleting properties in the map wizard.

Sketch PowerView

  • The Sketch PowerView now loads correctly when run for the first time from a workstation in a network environment.


  • SmartAdjust calculations are now properly applied to comparables imported from the Comps Database.

Workfile PowerView

  • Default data fonts are now retained after going from Workfile PowerView to any other PowerView.
  • You can no longer restore a comparable from the Workfile in a signed report.
  • Files can now be added and removed in the Workfile for reports created in WinTOTAL Aurora.

Updated Form

  • Invoice [Automatic Tear Off]

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