March 6, 2013 Update

This document details the complete list of updates and changes made to TOTAL released with the March 6, 2013 update.

Document 6300  |  Last updated:  05/06/2013 MJY

This update enables support for TOTAL for Mobile and resolves several issues with TOTAL.

TOTAL for Mobile Support

  • Based on your feedback, you can now pair TOTAL for Mobile with TOTAL. We're still working to integrate our new mobile app for TOTAL that will include better photo tools, seamless cloud syncing, and other improvements to the TOTAL for Mobile platform. That integration is expected to be done at the end of March. But you can use the legacy app until then.

Aurora Transition Assistant

  • Corrected an issue that could cause QuickLists not to appear after transferring settings from Aurora to TOTAL.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the "Automatically show drop‑down lists when entering a field" setting to transfer incorrectly from Aurora and caused the drop‑down menu to show when it shouldn't.
  • The settings to prompt for a PDF filename and launch the PDF viewer are now brought over to TOTAL when the Aurora Transition Assistant is run.

Comps Database:

  • Corrected an issue that caused an error while importing comparables.

Forms PowerView

  • Left and right arrows within a field now work correctly with the drop‑down menu expanded.


  • The fonts on photo pages and certain form titles are now correct when a TOTAL report is opened in Aurora.
  • The prompt to save changes to a report is no longer shown when closing an unmodified report containing QuickNotes.
  • Latitude and Longitude information is now retained for Aurora reports opened into TOTAL.

Side‑by‑Side PowerView

  • The Rooms below grade numbers now correctly transfer between the DFE's and the UAD fields for the Additional Comparable pages while in the Side‑by‑Side PowerView.

Updated forms

  • Residential Appraisal Review [Single Family]
  • Residential Appraisal Review [Individual Condominium Unit]
  • Residential Appraisal Review [Individual Cooperative Unit]
  • Residential Appraisal Review [Manufactured Housing]
  • Residential Appraisal Review [2-4 Unit] Residential Appraisal Review [Land]

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