TOTAL Licensing FAQ

If you have one or more employees, this document provides an overview of your licensing options for TOTAL.

Document 6033  |  Last updated:  06/22/2022 MJY

What are the different types of TOTAL licenses?

There are three types of software licenses for TOTAL. An individual license, an additional user license, and a server license.

I've already purchased a software license. Do I need to buy another one?

An a la mode software license is like a driver's license. You can use TOTAL on as many computers as you want — as long as you're only using one computer at a time, and you're the only person using it.

If someone else wants to use your car, they can only drive it if they have their own driver's license. Similarly, if someone else wants to use your a la mode software, they need their own software license.

The only exception to this is within a networked environment. Other people can use your software if they work for you under a server license.

To read our End User License Agreement, open TOTAL. Click Help on the top toolbar and select About from the drop‑down menu. Then, click View EULA.

What is an additional user license? How much does it cost?

An additional user license is designed specifically for any additional employees that need to use TOTAL and are not on a server set‑up

For the most current pricing info, give our Sales team a call at 1‑800‑ALAMODE.

What is a server license? How much does it cost?

A server license is designed for offices containing 2 or more people who work in the same location. With a server license, you can implement a network installation of TOTAL.

In a network installation, the main server computer contains all of TOTAL's important databases — like photos, comps, and contacts. Each workstation on the network has access to these files. When a change is made to a shared report or a database item, the change is instantly reflected on all machines on the network.

For the most current pricing info, give our Sales team a call at 1‑800‑ALAMODE.

Why isn't a server license included with the Elite system?

We removed server licenses from our Elite bundle in early 2018. We did this because nearly 80% of Elite folks didn't have a network, nor any need to set up a network. In its place, we added Titan Analytics — a product which benefits all of our customers.

How do server licenses compare to additional user licenses?

  Server license   Additional user license  
Add as many users as needed with no extra cost*
Share reports and database items instantly
Work from anywhere
  • * Server license required

Which type of license do I need?

It depends on the way your office is set up.

If you and your employees work in the same physical location on a shared network with at least two computers, you should probably get a server license. A server installation makes all of your shared reports and database items accessible to everyone in your office at the same time.

If you aren't in the same location as your employees, then they probably need additional user licenses. With an additional user license, your employees can work for you from anywhere.

If you need help deciding what's right for you, give our Sales team a call at 1‑800‑ALAMODE.

How does licensing work for Titan products?

Everyone with an active a la mode membership gets Titan Reports Standard — no purchase required.

For more information about using Titan products on a network or with remote employees, click here.

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