Getting Started with TOTAL: a YouTube playlist.

This document provides a central repository for all of our "Getting Started with TOTAL" videos.

Document 6029  |  Last updated:  05/06/2015 ACN

TOTAL is a la mode's latest appraisal software, built from the ground up to be sleek and fast. Unlike previous versions, TOTAL isn't a simple update to the previous version.  Instead, by rewriting almost everything, we have focused our efforts on the core functions of report writing and have developed our software to make every step of writing your report faster and easier than ever before.

While it's easy to get started with TOTAL, especially if you're coming from our older WinTOTAL products, you may need some help from time to time.  To assist you, we have created several short videos, featured below, that make it nice and simple to get back to work with TOTAL.

To view all of the videos, simply click the Play button (  ) on the video.  To choose a specific video, click the Playlist button (  ) in the top left, then select the video you want to view.

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