Paste cells of an Excel spreadsheet as an image

This document explains how to copy cells of an Excel spreadsheet to paste as an image into a report.

Document 6016  |  Last updated:  02/15/2017 MJY

Excel spreadsheets contain formatting that doesn't always align with the formatting of your formfilling software. Because of that, copying and pasting an Excel spreadsheet directly into a report can distort the tables and other formatting. Follow the instructions below to copy cells from an Excel spreadsheet as an image to paste into a report without distorting its formatting.

  1. Highlight the cells in Excel that you want to paste into your report and click Copy (  ).

  2. Select Copy as Picture…

    For Excel 2007, click the arrow below Paste, hover over As Picture, and select Copy as Picture…
  3. Select As shown on screen in the Appearance section, select Bitmap as the Format, and click OK.

  4. Return to your report, go to the report's addendum, right‑click in the blank space, and click Paste.

That's it!  The selected cells of the spreadsheet are now pasted as an image into the addendum of your report with the format and structure intact.

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