3rd Party Sketch Integration

Integrating with 3rd party sketchers.

Document 6013  |  Last updated:  02/28/2017 JH9


Integration supported with TOTAL Sketch Pro License and Apex V5 or newer.
WinTOTAL Aurora Users
  • All existing copies of Apex are supported if you have an existing Apex software license.
  • Existing Apex V2/V3/V4 users can upgrade to Apex V5 with a new TOTAL Sketch Pro License.
  • New purchases of Apex V5 or newer (no previous Apex License) are supported with a new TOTAL Sketch Pro License.
Keep in mind that Legacy Apex (Apex IV v2 and Apex IV v3) was not designed to run on 64-bit OS's or Windows 7, Apex v4 Medina or newer will be needed. If you plan to purchase a new version of Apex, and you haven't purchased a sketch license or VIP integration in the past, you must purchase a TOTAL Sketch Pro License from TOTAL Store to integrate it with your formfilling software. Click here for more information about TOTAL Sketch Pro Licenses.

Other 3rd party sketchers (Phoenix Sketch, RapidSketch)

  • Integration is supported with a TOTAL Sketch Pro License.

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