TOTAL's new login screen FAQ

This document answers some of the most common questions about the new login screen in TOTAL

Document 6013  |  Last updated:  10/23/2023 MJY

We're improving TOTAL's login experience by updating it to use one set of user credentials to connect all of your a la mode products. Continue reading below for more information about what to expect with these changes.

What changed with TOTAL's login screen?

We're syncing a la mode accounts with their TOTAL users. If you've already linked your a la mode account with your TOTAL User, the only change you'll see is the appearance of your login screen when you open TOTAL.

TOTAL Login Screen

Why change TOTAL's login screen now?

We're streamlining your workflow and experience by removing extra steps to log in to separate a la mode products.

How do I know if my a la mode account is linked with my TOTAL User?

If your TOTAL User is not linked with your a la mode account, a red notification badge (  ) appears on the User Profile icon in TOTAL (  ). Click here for instructions on how to link or relink your TOTAL User and your a la mode account.

Why should I link my a la mode account before I see TOTAL's new login screen?

We strongly encourage you to double‑check that your account is linked to the correct TOTAL User prior to seeing the new login screen so that you don't lose any of your Recent Responses, QuickLists, settings, and other user‑specific preferences if your a la mode account is linked to the wrong TOTAL user.

Click here for instructions on how to link or relink your TOTAL User and your a la mode account.

If you don't link your account prior to the update, you'll be asked to upgrade your user as shown in the image below. This upgrade screen lists all of the TOTAL Users found on your local machine in the drop‑down menu. If a specific TOTAL User is not showing in the dropdown, contact our support department for assistance.

What if I don't have a la mode accounts for all of my TOTAL users?

To create a new a la mode account for a TOTAL User, simply click the Create a new user link from the login screen, complete the details for the new a la mode account, and click Create. Then, select the new a la mode account from the dropdown when you log in to TOTAL.

Why are some of my settings missing?

If you've noticed missing settings or different drop‑down options since using TOTAL's new login, check to see if your a la mode account is linked to the correct TOTAL User and/or contact our support department for assistance.

Can I use TOTAL without an internet connection?

Yes. The new login screen won't be shown until you're connected to the internet. Once you've logged in, the last login is stored for a limited time and you can continue to use TOTAL during that time while you're offline.

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