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What is the TOTAL Store?

TOTAL Store integrates an array of third-party apps and tools with TOTAL. You'll find apps from mobile data gathering vendors, sketch companies, MLS/data providers, flood map sources, analytics and stats tool vendors, training resources, E&O firms, and more. Even appraisers with spreadsheets and other tools can become TOTAL Store Merchants too, instantly expanding TOTAL and giving you access to the “best and brightest” in the profession. But the TOTAL Store is much more than a fancy shopping cart. Vendors in the store are using our TOTAL API (short for “Application Programming Interface”, a technical term for the way that two separate programs can talk to each other), which opens up the formfilling architecture for better integration than ever thought possible. It’s seamless and controlled, so you know anyone in the store integrates properly and safely with TOTAL.

What Merchants are available in the TOTAL Store?

You can always find the latest list of TOTAL Store approved Merchants by visiting

Why isn't my favorite Merchant listed in the TOTAL Store?

TOTAL Store integration is available to any Merchant that wishes to participate. The sign‑up process is simple, and automatically provides all the tools needed for a Merchant to integrate their product and make it available via the store. The speed of this process is based entirely on the merchant; a la mode does not determine how quickly a vendor will set up the integration. If your preferred Merchant isn’t listed, then your best bet is to speak directly with them and let them know you want to see them in TOTAL Store. Click here for details.

I already own a version of a product available in TOTAL Store. Will my existing version work with TOTAL?

Maybe. You need to speak with the Merchant who developed your product. Individual Merchants are in complete control as to which versions of their product will integrate with TOTAL and be available within TOTAL Store.

Who do I call if I have issues with or questions about a product purchased via TOTAL Store?

If you're having difficulty getting information to transfer between TOTAL and a product purchased via TOTAL Store or with an a la mode product, contact us at 1‑800‑ALAMODE. If the problem is with an integrated product, contact the Merchant you purchased it from. You can find support information on that product’s page in the TOTAL Store. a la mode does not determine pricing for TOTAL Store products.

How can I request additional features for a TOTAL Store product?

To make a feature request, you need to contact the Merchant directly. You can find contact information for any of our Merchants by visiting the TOTAL Store.

I have a product of my own that I’m interested in selling via TOTAL Store. How do I get started?

It's easy!  Just visit and click the blue “Sell your products here” button in the upper right‑hand corner of the page. Then, just make sure and select “Appraisers with products to sell:” at the bottom of the registration page and you’re on your way.

I would like to integrate with TOTAL, but I do not want to sell a product through the TOTAL Store. Is that possible?

Currently, the TOTAL API is only available to merchants who are going to offer a product for sale through the TOTAL Store. We are monitoring the need for non‑Merchant access, and once the need is great enough, we will explore adding it.

Keep in mind, TOTAL's Worksheet is very powerful, and in many cases, can be used in lieu of integrating with TOTAL's API. Click here to learn more about TOTAL's Worksheet.

I'm a Merchant:

My customers want me to integrate my product into TOTAL and make it available in TOTAL Store. How do I get started?

It’s easy!  Just visit and click the blue “Sell your products here” button in the upper right‑hand corner of the page. Then, just make sure and select the “Software vendors:” option at the bottom of the registration page and you’re on your way. Everything you need is available online as part of the registration process.

Is there a cost to be in TOTAL Store?

No. TOTAL Store is available to any Merchant that wants to get their product in front of the largest group of appraiser customers today.

Where can I get more information about TOTAL Store Merchant program?


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