Using Worksheets in WinTOTAL Aurora and TOTAL

This document provides an overview of the Worksheet functionality in TOTAL, and explains how TOTAL's Worksheet capabilities interact with WinTOTAL Aurora's.

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Using Worksheets in WinTOTAL and TOTAL

In creating the Worksheets functionality for TOTAL, inter-compatibility was the foremost goal. Balanced against this was the desire to expand its functionality in order to provide users with a more robust, capable program. While the core functions of the program are backward and forward compatible, there's one minor difference to be aware of when utilizing Worksheets in Aurora and TOTAL. Click here to learn more about Worksheets in TOTAL.

The only significant difference between the two versions is the inclusion of multiple‑sheet functionality within TOTAL. This feature allows users to enter data and perform calculations in a manner similar to full spreadsheet programs. Now, users can place their calculations on sheets that aren't readily visible, allowing for a front page that simply displays results.

While we're proud of this feature, it does come with a caveat: the feature isn't 100% backwards compatible with WinTOTAL Aurora. Aurora's Worksheet functionality is limited to one sheet, which means that a Worksheet created in TOTAL containing data on pages 2 or 3 of the Worksheet won't import into Aurora.

Opening a report containing a multiple-sheet Worksheet in Aurora results in the following prompts being displayed — informing you that while the report can be opened, the Worksheet cannot.

That being said, any Worksheet created in TOTAL containing a single sheet will import fully and correctly into Aurora. In order to do this, simply delete Sheets 2 and 3 by right‑clicking on their page tabs on the lower left of the Worksheet PowerView and selecting Delete Sheet. Once removed, the Worksheet is fully backwards compatible and can be opened in Aurora.

Additionally, importing a Worksheet from Aurora into TOTAL presents no potential problems related to this issue.

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