Use an attached folder to copy TOTAL reports to a USB device, network location, or external hard drive

This document shows you how to set up an attached folder as a quick and simple way to move a few files at a time from one device or location to another.

Document 6005  |  Last updated:  03/19/2018 RR2

If you need to copy report files in TOTAL to an external hard drive, USB drive, or network location, simply attach a folder to your Appraisal Desktop.  Then you can move files back and forth as needed — all without closing TOTAL.  Follow the instructions below to begin.

  1. From the Appraisal Desktop, click Folder in the menu bar on the upper left and select Attach Folder.

  2. Click Browse to locate the network directory, external hard drive, or USB drive you wish to use in TOTAL.  When you find it, select it, and click OK.

    Browse and select folder

  3. Click Attach in the Attach Folder window.

  4. Now, simply locate and select the report(s) you want to to copy from your My Reports or Shared Reports folders.
  5. Right-click the selected file(s) and choose Move or copy.

    Move or copy selected reports

  6. In the window that appears, choose the Copy option, select your attached folder, and click OK.

    Copy to attached folder

That's it!  A new copy of each report you selected is created and placed in your attached folder.

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