WinTOTAL Aurora: sharing vs delivering your report

This document outlines the delivery options in WinTOTAL Aurora, as well as buttons in the toolbar.

Document 5907  |  Last updated:  02/15/2017 KMG

The delivery menus in WinTOTAL Aurora make it even easier to stay compliant. The "Share" option is for casual file sharing — when you’re sharing a file with an associate or sending yourself a copy. For compliant delivery use "Deliver", so you have security and compliance safeguards in place, and you’re using the client’s requested delivery method.

The delivery options in WinTOTAL Aurora have been split into two distinct categories to clearly separate non‑compliant (Share) and compliant (Deliver) sending options.

Deliver ‑ Secure, compliant report delivery

When you're ready to deliver your final report, simply choose Deliver in the toolbar and select the method of delivery you need to use. You’ll want to use Deliver for any final report deliveries to your Lender or AMC clients in order to stay fully compliant with current rules and regulations.

Deliver with TOTAL Connect
Select Deliver with TOTAL Connect to securely send appraisal reports to your clients with DataCourier or any of the TOTAL Connect Pro plugins.
Upload to client using SmartBrowser
You can securely upload a report to a client's website with SmartBrowser. It easily copies where the report is lcoated on your computer into the appropriate fields on your client's website with the QuickData button (  ).
Save XML and PDF to your PC
Select Save XML and PDF to your PC to store the MISMO XML and a PDF copy of your appraisal report on your computer.
Set Default
Set a default delivery option to be used when the Deliver button is clicked. For more information on setting a Default delivery option, click here.

DataCourier Delivery

DataCourier has always been part of, and provided by, TOTAL Connect. Now that your delivery system has been upgraded to take advantage of TOTAL Connect’s benefits, DataCourier has moved under the Deliver with TOTAL Connect menu alongside the other secure delivery plugins. To deliver a report via DataCourier:

  1. In the toolbar, click Deliver.
  2. Now, hover over Deliver with TOTAL Connect.
  3. Finally, choose XML + PDF via DataCourier.

That's it!  Once DataCourier launches, simply continue with your report delivery as you always have.

Share ‑ Casual report sharing (Non-compliant)

If you wish to share your report with an associate, or e‑mail it to yourself to retrieve on another computer, click Share and choose your preferred method of delivery.

WinTOTAL report via e‑mail…
The WinTOTAL report via e‑mail… option will attach the actual WinTOTAL Aurora ZAP file to an e‑mail that's ready to be sent to any recipients you choose. Note that you do need to have a default e‑mail client installed and configured on your computer in order to send your report via e‑mail.
WinTOTAL PDF via e‑mail…
The WinTOTAL PDF via e‑mail… option will create a PDF file of your report and attach the PDF to an e‑mail. Simply enter the recipient(s) and send a PDF copy of the report. This option also requires a default e‑mail program to be installed and configured before it can be used.
Set Default…
Set a default sharing option to be used when the Share button is clicked. For more information on setting a Default delivery option, click here.

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