Update your domain information with eNom

This document tells you how to update WHOIS information.

Document 5905  |  Last updated:  02/12/2021 MJY

a la mode is a registered reseller of domains from eNom.com. In order to keep your domains automatically renewed with your XSite, the domains you've purchased through your XSite are managed by a la mode, even though you're technically the "owner."

If you want to update the information for your domain as shown by a WHOIS lookup, follow the steps below. We'll contact eNom on your behalf.

1 — Log into My Account and view your profile

First you need to verify that all your contact information in My Account is correct.

  1. Browse to http://www.alamode.com/myaccount
  2. Log in using your a la mode username and password
  3. Click on My Profile on the left hand side
  4. Click Change to edit any incorrect or outdated information
    The First Name and Last Name can't be changed using My Account. If you need to change these items, please call us at 1‑800‑ALAMODE and speak to our Sales department.
2 — Email us with your request

To update the contact information on your domain to match what's shown in My Account, email us at ALMDomains@CoreLogic.com. In the email, tell us your domain name and let us know you'd like to update your WHOIS information. We'll get your details updated within one working day.

If you change either the First Name, Last Name or email address on your account, you'll receive a follow up email from eNom.com, and you'll be required to verify the changes. Failure to click the verification link within 15 calendar days will result in the suspension of all domains associated with this contact information until the verification is complete.

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