Daily CertMail Limits

This document explains the CertMail limit and what to do if you need to send a message to a large number of people.

Document 5753  |  Last updated:  12/29/2016 MJY

As the worldwide SPAM problem continues to worsen, Internet Service Providers (ISP's), and other organizations continually seek ways to improve their SPAM blocking tools. A number of these organizations now provide tools for their users to flag any message as SPAM. Today it's standard for e‑mail providers to monitor the amount of traffic they receive from a specific account or server. In some cases, if too many messages are received they may begin blocking e‑mail from the offending account or server.

In order to prevent an interruption in service for all our users, we impose a limit on the number of e‑mail messages you can send through CertMail in a single day. Currently, that limit allows you to send e‑mail to up to 250 e‑mail addresses in a single day, and a limit of 100 recipients per email.

Here are a few key points to remember as you communicate with your clients and associates.

  • 250 e‑mails per day equates to one e‑mail message every two minutes in an eight hour work day.
  • Bulk e‑mail campaigns sent through traditional e‑mail clients are not compliant with Federal CAN-SPAM laws, but XSellerate, our automated bulk e‑mail service, is!  XSellerate contains "opt out" functionality that allows recipients to remove themselves from your list instead of flagging you as a spammer.
  • XSellerate also allows you to send bulk e‑mail campaigns with up to 1000 recipients per day.  The messages are sent using an entirely different system that will not affect service availability for other CertMail customers.

If you feel you need to send more than 250 e‑mail messages a day, contact us a la mode Sales at 1‑800‑252‑6633 and ask about XSellerate. In most cases, its bulk e‑mail capabilities will help you maintain your mass marketing efforts without the side-effects of using a standard e‑mail address to do it.

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