Moving your domain and transferring your CertMail e‑mails

If you want to take over your domain and manage it yourself, including paying for the renewal on your web address separately from your XSite, just follow the steps in this document.

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If you've decided against upgrading to the Enterprise Appraiser XSites from your Standard XSite, you need to transfer your domain to another website provider if you want to keep it.  Additionally, you need to decide on a new e‑mail provider and move your existing CertMail e‑mails — otherwise, you'll lose them.  To learn more about these changes, click here.

Part 1: Transfer your domain

First, release your domain name and transfer ownership of it from a la mode's account to your own.  a la mode registers its domains through the registrar ENOM.  For us to transfer ownership of the domain to you, you need to have your own ENOM account.  If you already control your own domain, skip to Part 2.

  1. Go to, click My Account on the upper right, and click Create Account from the login screen.
  2. After you set up your ENOM account, log into your a la mode account, click Transfer Your Domain in the menu on the left, and follow the instructions to begin the transfer process.

For detailed, step‑by‑step instructions on creating your own ENOM account and transferring your domain to it, click here.

Part 2: Configure your e‑mail server

Once you have full control over your own domain, pick a provider for your e‑mail service.  There are several options available, like G Suite (formerly Google Apps), Office365, or Zoho.

  1. Select the e‑mail service provider you want to use.
  2. Follow the steps on your chosen provider's website to verify ownership of the domain.  This usually entails adding a DNS Record to your domain settings through your registrar's interface.
  3. Once verified, enter the new CNAME Mail Records and the MX (Mail Exchange) Records provided by your e‑mail service in ENOM's DNS interface.  These new records replace the existing CertMail MX Records.

Part 3: Transfer CertMail messages to your new e‑mail provider

Once you've verified that your domain has transferred successfully and that your MX records have been updated to reflect your new e‑mail provider, let us know by sending an e‑mail to  Then, after verifying the MX Records are configured properly, we'll make your CertMail e‑mail messages available to be transferred to your new provider and send you further instructions.

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