Receiving Mail in WebMail, But Not in Outlook

This document addresses the specific issue where you're unable to receive CertMail messages in Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail, but can receive mail in any other mailbox set up in these applications

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If you can access your CertMail messages via WebMail, but aren't receiving your CertMail messages into your configured Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, you've likely lost your connection or aren't connected to your mail server.  For example,

This would be the case only if it's messages from your CertMail account that aren't being received.  If you're unable to receive messages in other non‑CertMail mailboxes you've created in Outlook or Outlook Express, the issue may be due to problems with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), firewalls, or other issues totally unrelated to your CertMail account.

Microsoft Outlook

To re‑establish your connection to your CertMail mail server in Microsoft Outlook, do the following.

  1. Open your CertMail folder under the Folder List pane of Outlook.
  2. Click to select the Inbox folder.
  3. Click File in the toolbar and select Connect to  Substitute the appropriate entry for the example

The above instructions are for older versions of Outlook.  In more modern versions of Outlook, simply run the Send/Receive function.  Click here for more information.

Windows Live Mail

In order to re‑establish your connection to your CertMail server in Windows Live Mail, click Send/Receive in the toolbar.

Further Troubleshooting

In rare cases, there may be something wrong with the DNS settings on your domain (your ".com").  To check, run an nslookup, which looks up the DNS records for your domain.  Here's how:

  1. On your keyboard, press Windows Key + R.

  2. When the Open: prompt appears, type cmd and press OK.

  3. When the CMD window opens, type nslookup mail.(YOURDOMAIN) and press Enter.
    The (YOURDOMAIN) in the text above refers to your own domain.  In the example below, is used.

After pressing Enter, you should see something similar to the image above.  If you don't have or listed next to Server, you may have a DNS issue.  If you purchased your domain through us, contact our support department at 1‑800‑ALAMODE.  Otherwise, contact your domain registrar.

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