XSite Attachment FAQ

This document addresses common questions you may have about the 90 day storage policy for XSite PDF attachments.

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How can I save a PDF or other attachment from an XSite order?

Under most circumstances, you already have a copy of the appraisal report on your computer.  Most appraisers have the appraisal file still in WinTOTAL or TOTAL, or printed (we recommend avoiding paper backups if possible).  If you don't have all your appraisals available on your PC, here's how you can save what was submitted from an XSite order:

  1. Log in to your XSite's admin area.
  2. Click the Orders link on the top toolbar.
  3. Click the link along the lower left to view completed orders.  Then, click the Date column heading to sort the list by date.
  4. Completed orders normally have a PDF attached to them, noted by the PDF icon in the order list.  Locate the order associated with the report you wish to save, and then click the PDF icon next to the order.
  5. You'll see an option to Open or Save.  Click Save.
  6. Browse to where you want the PDF saved, and then click OK.

Can I add a PDF to an appraisal in WinTOTAL?

WinTOTAL's Digital Workfile let's you attach anything you want to an appraisal document.  Typically, the workfile is used for document attachments and extra digital photos that weren't included as part of the appraisal you submitted.  If you want to save the PDF permanently inside the WinTOTAL appraisal, here's what to do:

  1. After saving the PDF from the website using the instructions above, open the original file in WinTOTAL.
  2. Go to the Workfile PowerView, and click Add.
  3. Select the option for Digital Workfile External Attachment.
  4. Enter a description for the attachment.
  5. Browse to the file you saved from the web, and click OK.
  6. You'll then see an icon indicating the attachment has been added.

Items in the digital workfile don't print with the rest of your report.  They're stored for your purposes only.  To view an item, click its description, and then click the attachment to open it.

What is the Vault & How Does It Work?

The Vault is an online backup system for your WinTOTAL appraisal files.  Here's why we think it's better than local storage:

  • The Vault is automatic.  You don't have to remember to do it as it runs automatically.
  • The Vault is cloud‑based, so you can access it from anywhere there's an Internet connection, and your files are also safe in the event your local computer crashes.
  • The Vault is simple, so there's no learning curve associated with backing up or retrieving a file.
  • The Vault understands your appraisal files, so it can automatically index them — allowing you to search on key items such as address, zip code, or client, which is much easier than browsing through report file names.

For more information and pricing, visit http://www.alamode.com/Vault.

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