Flash Installation Problems

The Flash player is already on most PCs, but if for some reason it's not on yours, this document shows you how to install it

Document 5721  |  Last updated:  12/29/2016 KMG

If you see any of the following when loading an XSite or accessing your XSite admin, you need to install the Adobe Flash player or update to the latest version.

  • Missing toolbar in your XSite admin
  • A "stuck" hourglass when loading My Office
  • Dynamic content you've added to a website isn't visible.

To download and install Adobe's Flash Player:

  1. Click here to visit Adobe's website and download it for free.
  2. When the page loads, uncheck the box to install the Yahoo! Toolbar, and then click Install Now.
  3. Adobe's site will install the Flash Player automatically, but if any warnings or notices appear on screen, be sure to acknowledge that you want to install the Flash player.

You may be asked to reboot your PC after installing the plugin. This is normal. Also, installing anything on your PC generally requires administrative user rights. If you're a standalone computer user, this won't be a problem, but if you're in an office environment with a dedicated office technician, you may need to have them allow this type of access if you have trouble with the installation.

If you're still experiencing issues with your XSite, you may need to reset Internet Explorer back to its system defaults. Click here for instructions from Microsoft on how to reset Internet Explorer.

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