WinTOTAL Aurora - April 11, 2015 Update

This document details the updates and changes to WinTOTAL Aurora released with the April 11, 2014 update.

Document 5300  |  Last updated:  02/15/2017 MJY

WinTOTAL Aurora — April 11, 2015 Update

This update introduces new status options for your Mercury Network assignments. You now have the option to “Add Internal Status” for private updates that you don’t want your client to see or “Update Client” to launch your Mercury Network portal and alert your client of the latest status. This change sets the stage for future improvements in how you control all of your orders.

We also fixed an issue related to the CLVS Pre-Delivery Check that could cause the Appraisal Desktop to close.

See the full list of improvements in this update below.

TOTAL Connect

  • Added new status options for Mercury Network assignments.

Report Delivery

  • Corrected an issue that could cause the Appraisal Desktop to unexpectedly close when launching CLVS Pre-Delivery Check.

Orders PowerView

  • Other File Number will automatically be set to "Same As FHA/VA Case Number" when an FHA/VA Case number is entered to comply with the upcoming FHA requirement to include the case number in the MISMO XML version of the report.

Errors & Omissions

  • E&O will now warn if the Effective Date or Inspection Date is in the future.
  • An erroneous Hard Stop rule for the 1073 and 1004 UAD forms for properties valued over $1,000,000 and neither the appraiser or supervisor were certified has been retired.
  • Added a UAD warning trigger if Street Type or Alley Type is blank and either the Public or Private checkboxes are checked.

Comps Database

  • We fixed a rare issue that could prevent displaying comparables in the Comps Database on some computers.

TOTAL Store Integration

  • A message will be displayed when attempting to export data to a TOTAL Store product if there are no more credits available for that product.

Forms Engine

  • Entering more than 35 characters in the Project Name field of the Condo UAD form no longer flags the field with a red UAD warning for Comparable 1.

Updated Forms

  • Net adjustment calculations on the GP Land forms when using % of $/Sq. Ft. are properly calculated.
  • When using GP Land forms, checking the box on page 2 for “Also so show Ind. Val. by SCA in $/<unit area>” now displays a message indicating the Site Area Units must be set to either SF or Acres on page 1.
  • Updated the Restricted Use Validation Report [02/10][BB&T/ZB] form.

New forms

  • Added the Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services LASS-O Appraiser Valuation Opinion form.

Map Wizard

  • A more informative message is now displayed when flood maps/data are not available from the map provider.

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