WinTOTAL's Contents PowerView is blank or missing forms

This document explains how to resolve your Contents PowerView being blank or missing forms.

Document 5144  |  Last updated:  02/15/2017 ACN

When opening the Contents PowerView, it can open blank or with forms missing. To resolve this issue, simply follow the instructions below:

Prior to following the instructions below, try saving your report and close WinTOTAL completely. After closing WinTOTAL, re-open Aurora and continue working. If that doesn't correct the Contents PowerView, continue below.

  1. First, save any open reports and close WinTOTAL completely.
  2. Now, press Windows Key + R on your keyboard.

  3. In the Open: box, type tsa and click OK to open Aurora's Tech Support Assistant.

  4. Now, mark WinTOTAL Utilities and click Next.
  5. On the left side of the Tech Support Assistant, double click 8. Rebuild forms table.

That's it!  When the Tech Support Assistant has finished rebuilding its databases, close the window and reopen WinTOTAL. The Contents PowerView is now functioning properly.

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