How to Get Maps in WinTOTAL Aurora

This document explains how to get a location map in WinTOTAL Aurora, including bird's eye maps and aerial mpas.

Document 5140  |  Last updated:  12/29/2016 KMG

WinTOTAL's Map Wizard retrieves several different types of map depending on your needs, and you have full control to adjust the map for your current report.

  1. Start by clicking the Maps PowerView icon in the upper right.
  2. Then, click New Map on the left and confirm your map options if prompted.

  3. The property addresses are displayed along with an indicator of the accuracy of their locations. You're also given the opportunity to add or delete addresses, or enter coordinates from your GPS. After verifying the addresses, click Next.
  4. Then, specify a map type in the Type drop‑down menu. If your Internet connection stalls or the map doesn't load, click the Refresh button above the map area to force WinTOTAL to retrieve the map again. Then, click Next.

    If you see a range of map dates on an aerial or hybrid map, it just means your map area is built out of multiple panel photographs taken at different times.
  5. Once WinTOTAL finishes retrieving the map, adjust the map's zoom and centering.
    • To re‑center the map, click the map and drag.
    • To change the map zoom, click on of the zoom levels across the top or use your mouse's scroll wheel.
  6. Next, select a provided title from the drop‑down, or type in a title using the Title field to the upper right corner.
  7. As necessary, edit and annotate your map using the tools provided. For instructions about more map tools, visit the User's Guide. Bear in mind that you cannot edit the balloons while in bird's eye mode. If you need to adjust balloon placement, click the eye icon again to shut it off, adjust the balloon placement, and then click the eye again to re-enable bird's eye mode.
  8. When finished customizing your map, click Next to continue through the Map Wizard or click Finish if you're not retrieving any other map information.

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