Enabling or disabling USPS data

This document explains how to enable or disable automatic USPS data for your subject and comparable records.

Document 5139  |  Last updated:  02/15/2017 ACN

To help keep you UAD-compliant, TOTAL can standardize all addresses in a report — not just your subject address.

  • In TOTAL, just add a location map to your report and our process to convert addresses to USPS Standards activates automatically.
  • You can also manually standardize addresses by clicking Tools followed by Convert Addresses to USPS Standards.

USPS Publication 28 compliance is more than just ZIP+4 (which isn't actually required for UAD and isn't used in WinTOTAL because it doesn't fit in the comp grids). USPS standardization also dictates the proper way to have abbreviations such as "Ave" instead of "Avenue" and "St" instead of "Street" in your addresses.

If you know your address doesn't conform to the UAD standards, but you intend to deliver it anyway, click Tools, Convert Addresses to USPS Standards, then check the box for Assume all addresses are USPS standardized.  This will keep the E&O check from harassing you about the non-conforming address.

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