Create a UAD-compliant report by swapping major forms

Thanks to TOTAL's ability to swap major forms in a report and retain all form data, you can continue to use TOTAL's merge and clone features with your old reports when creating a new UAD-compliant appraisal.

Document 5138  |  Last updated:  10/17/2016 KMG

In TOTAL, the "trigger", so to speak, for whether or not a report should use our UAD interface is the major form on which it's based.  So, if you've cloned or merged from an old report and need the new report to be UAD‑compliant, all you need to do is swap out the major form with the form that has [UAD] in the description.

Don't start by removing the old form from your contents first!  You'll lose data if you do.  When you swap forms, the old form is added to the report's Workfile.

Here's how you "convert" a report to the new UAD‑compatible format.  These steps work the same whether you're using TOTAL or WinTOTAL Aurora.

  1. Open the report, go to the Forms PowerView, and click Contents.

  2. Replace the current form with the new UAD version of the form by double-clicking it in the list of Available Forms on the left.

  3. Then, click Yes to confirm the prompt asking you if you want to continue swapping forms.

  4. Click Save & Close, or click OK in WinTOTAL to save your changes and return to the report.

Now when you return to your report, the UAD features are enabled that assist you with the process of completing a UAD‑compliant appraisal.

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