Database error messages and/or a blank users list.

If WinTOTAL has trouble accessing your databases, this can result in a blank users list when you try to log in. This document walks you through how to restore the user list.

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Database connection errors are sometimes characterized by a blank user list when you attempt to open WinTOTAL:

This error is confirmed if you also receive the following error message after you attempt to add a user:

This message can occur when WinTOTAL is unable to connect to its database. While your data is left completely intact, WinTOTAL can't retrieve it.

Before continuing, verify that you're unable to create a new user. If you're able to create a new user, the databases are working as they should. If you recently moved WinTOTAL to a new computer, the databases may not have been moved correctly. Click here to open the Backing Up and Moving support document for further instructions.

When diagnosing a problem on a network, you should check the installation of WinTOTAL on the server to see if it is working. If it works properly, this tells you any problems you're having are network related. The steps listed below address one of the primary issues we see when Windows Firewall blocks connections from workstations to the server. For complete step-by-step instructions on configuring Windows Firewall, or for instructions on configuring security software other than Windows Firewall, click here.

If you have a blank user list on your server or are using a standalone installation of WinTOTAL, please go to the Secondary steps section.
  1. On the server, press the Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box.

  2. Type tsa into the Open: field and click OK.

  3. Select WinTOTAL Utilities and click Next.
  4. Double‑click 23. Add SQL Server to Windows Firewall on the left.

  5. Review the Path: of sqlservr.exe and click OK.

  6. The utility opens the command prompt on your computer and runs through two commands. When it has finished running, press any key to close the window, or click the X in the upper right corner.

  7. Return to your workstation and start WinTOTAL to verify that everything is working correctly.
  8. If you're still having problems, continue on to the Secondary steps.

Secondary steps to resolve the issue

In some cases, we've found the name of the computer has been changed where WinTOTAL is installed, but WinTOTAL has not updated to recognize the changes. Since WinTOTAL uses the computer name to connect to the database, updating the name in WinTOTAL's configuration file can correct the issue. This can occur on standalone and server installations.

  1. On the server, press the Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box.

  2. Type tsa into the Open: field and click OK.

  3. Select Edit System Files and click Next.
  4. In the INI Sections box, click either [Network Connection] or [Local Connection] (you only have one).

  5. The lower box now displays [Network Connection] or [Local Connection]. Below this section is the line:
    • "Server=[ComputerName]\ALAMODE"

      [ComputerName] is the name of the computer where WinTOTAL is installed.
  6. To verify this information is correct, go to the computer where WinTOTAL is installed (this is the server if you have a network installation) and press the Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box.

  7. Type tsa into the Open: field and click OK.

  8. After the Tech Support Assistant opens, choose Analyze System, and click Next.
  9. Write down the information in 4. Computer Name.

  10. Compare the computer name here to what is listed in the Tech Support Assistant. If the values do not match, enter the correct computer name after "Server=" (on the workstation if you are on a network). Make sure to keep the "\ALAMODE". If the names do match, please skip to More possible resolutions.
  11. Click Save on the right, then click Finished.
  12. Start WinTOTAL to verify your userlist is restored.

More possible resolutions

If the computer name is correct in the configuration file and a firewall is not blocking the connection, the database may be offline. Running WinTOTAL's database verification scripts can reconnect the database.

On the computer where WinTOTAL is installed:

  1. Press the Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box.

  2. Type tsa into the Open: field and click OK.

  3. Select WinTOTAL Utilities and click Next.
  4. Double-click 1. Database Verification Scripts on the left.

  5. In the Verify WinTOTAL Database screen, scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the largest number (e.g., DBV0100), then click OK to run the script.

  6. When the database verification completes successfully the window will disappear, click Close in the Tech Support Assistant.
  7. If the database verification script generates an error, please write down the error.

Now, start WinTOTAL and see if everything works as expected. If WinTOTAL still experiences a blank user list, or if the database verification fails, please contact Technical Support.

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