Troubleshooting net.X Connect

This document describes common symptoms of a net.X Connect synchronization failure and outlines ways to resolve the issue.

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The net.X Connect tool in WinTOTAL Aurora gives you the ability to synchronize key data from your reports with order data on your XSite. In order to do this successfully, you must ensure that you've entered the necessary information in report before attempting to sync. Additionally, net.X Connect requires a stable connection to ensure that all data successfully reaches your XSite. If you experience difficulties synchronizing, typically the issue falls under one of the following reasons:

Causes for these errors can vary. Possible causes include:

  • Firewalls — A firewall on your computer could be interrupting the sync process.
  • Incorrect Credentials — If your username and password are incorrect, WinTOTAL can't log into your XSite to update your orders.
  • Incorrect Rights — If the order is assigned to another appraiser in your office, you won't be able to sync the order from WinTOTAL because you don't have permissions to do so.
  • Missing Data — WinTOTAL needs key information in order to sync with your XSite. The report needs to be set for XSite Integration, and it must have a subject address, client contact, and due date. If these are missing, the synchronization fails.
  • Non‑alphanumeric characters — If you have unusual characters in one of your contacts — like a pound symbol or exclamation point — WinTOTAL can't send that contact to your XSite.
  • Report Locks — When a report is locked open, WinTOTAL won't synchronize the report with your XSite, to avoid syncing a file that's being edited.

Username & Password Errors

If WinTOTAL gives you an error indicating your login credentials are incorrect or that you don't have rights to edit the order:

  1. In WinTOTAL, click Options and select Configure WinTOTAL Settings.

    WinTOTAL settings

  2. In the screen that appears, click net.X in the upper right.


  3. Click Edit to the right of the Current XSite User, and re‑enter your XSite Username and Password.

    net.X user

  4. Click OK to update your settings, and then click Save.

    save user

  5. Try synchronizing again.

As long as you typed the correct username and password for your XSite account, your report should sync as long as the status is not over 90 days. To sync older orders you need to change the status manually. Click here for instructions.

If you still experience problems, the order may be assigned to another user on your XSite. Click here for instructions on viewing and editing order details. Check the Appraiser field in the order details and verify you're the appraiser for that order. If you're not the appraiser, you don't have rights to sync the order. Contact your XSite administrator to reassign the order to you.

Errors about Reports that are Locked Open

If WinTOTAL tells you that your report file is locked open when you try to synchronize with your XSite, close the file before syncing. If you currently have the report open, save and close it. If your offices is on a network, verify that no one else in the office is editing the same report

Once the file has been saved and closed try synchronizing again. If the problem persists, close out of WinTOTAL completely and ask any other WinTOTAL users in your office to close WinTOTAL.

Data loss or other serious problems can occur if a report is left open while follwoing the instructions below. Make sure everyone in yoru office has closed out of WinTOTAL completely before you proceed.
  1. From your desktop, press Windows key + R.

  2. In the Open: field type tsa and click OK.

  3. From the Tech Support Assistant, select WinTOTAL Utilities and click Next.

  4. Double‑click 5. Scan for open reports in the column on the right.

  5. If WinTOTAL finds a file that's locked open, click Yes to remove a single file lock or Yes to All if multiple open reports exist. Otherwise, click OK.

Try synchronizing the file again. If you experience further problems, contact our support staff for assistance.

Unknown Error Messages

If you receive an error message indicating an "unknown error occurred", it's likely WinTOTAL experienced a problem processing one of the contacts in your report.

  1. Open the report and click Order in the upper right.

  2. For each of the contacts listed in the report (Appraiser, Client, Lender, Bill To, Ship To), click the phonebook icon (  )  beside the contact's name and choose Edit from the menu that appears.

  3. Verify there are no miscellaneous characters (non‑alphanumeric characters, including spaces) in the contact fields:
    • If you find non‑alphanumeric characters, remove them, save the contact, and then try synchronizing again.
    • If you don't find non‑alphanumeric characters, it's possible that the character is invisible (such as a space or tab character). Clear each field and re‑type the correct information. Then, save the contact and try synchronizing again.

    If you still experience problems, verify that the report has the basic items needed in the Orders PowerView for synchronizing. If any of these are missing, the report won't sync:

    1. With the report open, click Orders in the upper right to open the Orders PowerView.

      Orders Button

    2. In the Orders PowerView, fill out your Order form as you normally would.
      The Client contact information must be filled out and a due date must be entered for the order to be uploaded to your XSite.
    3. After you've entered the necessary data on the Order form, mark the XSite Integration box, in the Options pane on the lower left.

      XSite Integration

    4. Once XSite Integration is enabled, click the XSite Integration link, enter your a la mode Username and Password, and click OK.


Try synchronizing the file again. If you experience further problems, contact our support staff for assistance.

Other Problems & Errors

If the above solutions don't work or your problem isn't listed here, it's possible that your firewall software is interfering with the synchronization process. Even if you don't have one of the common firewalls available for purchase installed on your computer, Windows comes with a built-in firewall.

To determine if your firewall is the culprit, disable it temporarily and to try synchronizing again. If the sync works, your firewall is the issue. Click here for more information about problems that can occur with an improperly configured firewall and for specific steps to configure it to work with a la mode software.

If Problems Persist:

If you continue to have problems synchronizing with WinTOTAL after trying all of the steps above, contact our support staff for further assistance.

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