Viewing Order Notes in XSite Network Partner Orders

This document explains how to enable WinTOTAL's Extended Info view so you can see any pertinent order requirements in the notes area of a FISERV, Stars, Electronic Partner Connection, or BCE Emergis order.

Document 5096  |  Last updated:  12/29/2016 EMT

In most cases, you simply need to enable WinTOTAL's Extended Info view in the Order PowerView to see the order notes on the order form. To enable the Extended Info view:

  1. Open the report in WinTOTAL that contains the additional data.
  2. Click the Order button in the upper right corner of your WinTOTAL report to access the Order PowerView.
  3. Check the Extended Info box in the Options pane in the lower left corner of the Order PowerView to view the order notes in the report's order form.

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