Troubleshooting Mapping Problems (Aurora Only)

This document outlines the most common problems WinTOTAL users experience when using the map utility and how to fix them.

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While we use the most up to date mapping data and tools, you may still experience difficulties when downloading maps and mapping data. In most cases, it's related to problems geocoding the address supplied for one of many reasons. Common mapping problems can include:

Error Messages

  • Unable to geocode subject property, please verify the address fields below.
  • The geocoder failed. You may have Internet connectivity problems.
  • WinTOTAL's map wizard is experiencing difficulty retrieving a map. This may be due to your Internet connection malfunctioning or the interference of antivirus or firewall software on your computer.
  • alaMapUtil.exe - Application has generated an exception that could not be handled…  Click OK to terminate the application. Click CANCEL to debug the application.
  • WinTOTAL was unable to verify your annual membership agreement.

Incorrect Balloon Placement

  • Balloons are slightly off placement
  • Balloons are at the center of the zip code
  • Balloons aren't appearing at all for certain properties

Other Mapping Problems

  • Blank or black maps are displayed
  • Map distances or data not transferring back into your report

Most of these symptoms are caused by incorrect settings or setup either in WinTOTAL or Windows. In some cases, these problems may occur due to the interference of firewall or antivirus software, a weak Internet connection, or simply a lack of sufficient data for your area. Click on the options below for detailed information on how to resolve the problems you're experiencing.

Handling Error Messages

If you receive an error message while you're attempting to generate a map, it's typically a problem with the address. Here are a few things to try if you receive an error while trying to download a map.

  • Verify that you've spelled the address correctly.
  • Try a different address to verify that it's just the address that's the problem.
  • Try to get a map for the same property through a 3rd party map provider. If Google Maps or Nokia's HERE Maps can't find the property either, the problem is the property address and beyond the control of a la mode.
  • Verify that the Work Offline option in Internet Explorer is unchecked. When this option is checked, your computer will act as if it is disconnected from the Internet and can affect WinTOTAL's Mapping Utility in the same way as a nonexistent connection. To check for this, open Internet Explorer and click the Tools menu. If Work Offline is checked, click it in the list to uncheck it. If there's no check beside Work Offline, just close Internet Explorer.
  • If you receive the error "WinTOTAL's map wizard is experiencing difficulty retrieving a map. This may be due to your Internet connection malfunctioning or the interference of antivirus or firewall software on your computer" :  Something is blocking WinTOTAL's map utility from accessing the Internet to download the map. Typically it's antivirus or firewall software on your computer. For more information about how to unblock this WinTOTAL component, click here. Then, be sure to unblock alaMapUtil (alaMapUtil.exe). This can be caused by problems with your installation of Microsoft's .NET Framework. Click here to verify your .NET Framework is installed correctly.
  • If you receive the error "alaMapUtil.exe — Application has generated an exception that could not be handled" :  Your installation of Microsoft's .net Framework is either malfunctioning or nonexistent. You must reinstall the .NET Framework to resolve this problem. For step‑by‑step instructions to reinstall the .NET Framework, click here.
  • If you receive the error "WinTOTAL was unable to verify your annual membership agreement" :  This is often caused by a firewall. To make sure that you have the correct settings, click here. If you're still having trouble after you verify your firewall:
    1. Browse to the C:\Windows\ folder location.
    2. Scroll to locate the file alaredun. This can be displayed as a Configuration settings file or as alaredun.ini.
    3. Right‑click the file and rename it to alaredun.old, and then close the window.
    4. Then from your desktop, press Windows key + R.

    5. In the Open: field, type tsa to open the WinTOTAL Tech Support Assistant.
    6. Choose the Analyze System option and click Next.
    7. In the Update History window at the bottom, choose the topmost update, double click it, and then choose the option to Redownload Updates.
    8. Click OK and let the program download and reinstall the last update.

Handling Incorrect Balloon Placement

WinTOTAL uses a process called "geocoding" to determine a property's latitude and longitude based on the address you provide. While geocoding tends to be quite accurate in major metropolitan and suburban areas, it can sometimes be inaccurate in areas of new construction or rural areas due to the lack of available information about those areas. This problem isn't exclusive to WinTOTAL. Typically, other major map providers like Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps suffer from the same problems. The only way to completely avoid the caveats of geocoding is to supply WinTOTAL with the exact latitude and longitude of the property you wish to place on your map, but you can always annotate your maps and move the balloons as well. Here are a few ways to handle misplaced balloons.

  • In addition to the items outlined above, you can move the balloons manually with just a few clicks. To learn how to move balloons in WinTOTAL's new mapping wizard, just click the map where you want to move the balloon and then choose the balloon you wish to move from the list that appears. For more information about WinTOTAL's new mapping utility, see the Maps PowerView chapter of the WinTOTAL User's Guide.
  • If you'd rather not have to move balloons at all, you can also use a GPS device to determine the latitude and longitude of the properties from the field and then have WinTOTAL use that information instead of trying to locate the property for you. See the Address and GPS Verification section of the WinTOTAL User's Guide for more information about using GPS coordinates.

Avoiding Blank/Black Location or Flood Map Pages

WinTOTAL is designed to simplify the process of retrieving maps. Since you'd typically have to add a map page to your report in order to add a map to it, WinTOTAL pools both steps into the same retrieval process. Adding blank map pages to your report prior to generating a map is not necessary and may require you to remove the blank map page later after you have successfully retrieved a map. Here are some ways to avoid blank map pages.

  • Don't add blank map pages through the Contents view. WinTOTAL does that automatically when you generate a map.
  • If you're generating Flood Maps, be sure to configure WinTOTAL to pull the maps from your InterFlood account. If you don't, you may get errors when downloading flood maps, blank flood maps, or black flood maps. To configure WinTOTAL for your Interflood account, click here for more information.
  • To reset your InterFlood username and password, visit to reset your global a la mode login.

Ensuring that Flood/Census Data Transfers to Forms

The most common reason that the flood and census data you download with WinTOTAL's map utility doesn't transfer into your forms is that WinTOTAL is not properly configured to transfer that data. You can easily reconfigure WinTOTAL to download all the appropriate data with the following methods.

  • You may need to reset your Report Transfer Options. To do so, click the Report Transfer Options link at the top of the Information pane on the left of the Maps PowerView and mark the Remember the Last Fields I Checked option as outlined in the Report Transfer Options section of the WinTOTAL User's Guide.
  • Download the FEMA/Census data again by clicking the drop‑down arrow beside the New Maps button in the Maps PowerView and choosing Flood, Census, and USPS Data from the list that appears.

If you continue to experience mapping problems that can't be resolved by the methods outlined above, contact our a la mode Support staff for assistance.

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