Configuring Acrobat Compatibility

This document explains how to configure the PDF Compatibility settings in WinTOTAL Aurora.

Document 5075  |  Last updated:  12/29/2016 JB3

WinTOTAL's PDF compatibility settings are configured through the print screen.

  1. With a report open, click File and choose Print to PDF.
  2. When the Aurora Print Engine appears, click Edit Advanced PDF Settings… on the lower right.

    If you don't see the list of additional print options on the right, click the option on the lower right that says Click here for more printing options, and then click Edit Advanced PDF Settings….

  3. If the option next to PDF Specification is set to something other than Acrobat v 4.x, it could explain why some clients have reported PDF's you've sent are damaged or corrupted. Rather than make them download a new Acrobat Reader, select the option for Acrobat v 4.x and click OK.

That's it! Once you click OK, the Acrobat settings are automatically saved and will be used the next time you create a PDF. When you're returned to the Aurora Print Engine, simply print your report as you normally would, or click Cancel to return to your report.

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