Uninstalling WinTOTAL Aurora

This document explains how to uninstall WinTOTAL Aurora.

Document 5062  |  Last updated:  03/04/2020 MJY

To uninstall WinTOTAL Aurora from your computer, there are a few main components to remove from your PC. But, the exact steps vary depending on your installation type.

Before getting started, make sure you've saved all of your work and closed out of any open programs — including WinTOTAL and the Appraisal Desktop. Then, check your system tray to see if the a la mode assistant is still running. If you see it, right‑click the a la mode Assistant icon (  ), and select Exit.

Exit Assistant

a la mode technologies, llc. is not responsible for any loss of data that might occur by following these directions. Back up your files first! Click here for more information on backing up and restoring WinTOTAL data.

Once you've closed out of everything and exited the a la mode assistant, you're ready to uninstall WinTOTAL. Click the button below that corresponds to your installation type, and follow the instructions in each tab to completely remove WinTOTAL Aurora and its related components from you computer.

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