Using SafeStart to resolve Runtime Errors that prevent WinTOTAL from opening.

SafeStart is a utility that helps resolve most errors in WinTOTAL Aurora. This doc shows you how to use it.

Document 5057  |  Last updated:  01/09/2017 ACN

WinTOTAL has a self-healing mechanism we call "SafeStart."  It typically runs after WinTOTAL installs updates to register system files with Windows. In rare cases where system files are damaged or overwritten by other programs, you may need to run SafeStart manually to get all of WinTOTAL's system files back in place.

Symptoms of needing to "replace" your system files are error messages that include a Runtime Error (RTE) or screens that are blank or don't open.

  1. Close WinTOTAL and reboot your computer. Rebooting often solves problems on its own.
  2. Once your computer has restarted, press Windows Key + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog.

  3. In the Open: field, type tsa and click OK to open the Tech Support Assistant.

  4. In the Tech Support Assistant, Select WinTOTAL Utilities, and click Next.
  5. In the right-hand column, double-click 3. Replace WinTOTAL System Files.

  6. When finished, the WinTOTAL SafeStart Log displays. Click Close on the SafeStart log and then click Close in the Tech Support Assistant.

That's it!  After running a SafeStart, simply open WinTOTAL again and continue working like normal. If you continue to receive errors when opening WinTOTAL, you may need to reinstall updates. For detailed instructions on reinstalling updates, click here.

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