Creating an XSite account for clients using Aurora contacts

This document explains how to create an account for a client on your XSite using your WinTOTAL contacts.

Document 5030  |  Last updated:  10/27/2017 RR2

Creating an XSite account for a client is a great way to encourage Online Ordering. It also gives you the ability to place orders on their behalf through your XSite, so even if they won't go online themselves, you both retain the benefits. You can quickly create client accounts from the Contacts you have in WinTOTAL. Here's how:

  1. First, make sure Online Ordering is enabled on your XSite. To do this, log in to the Admin area of your XSite, then click XSite on the top toolbar to access the XSite Wizard. From here, click Online Ordering on the left. Then simply check the box to enable Online Ordering, Tracking, & Delivery.
  2. Next, connect WinTOTAL with your XSite. For specific how-to steps, visit the net.X Configuration section of the WinTOTAL User's Guide.
  3. In WinTOTAL, create a contact for the client who needs a login account. See the Creating Individual Contacts and the Creating Company Contacts sections of the WinTOTAL User's Guide for instructions.
  4. Finally, to create a login account for this contact, see the Creating Client Accounts from Contacts section of the WinTOTAL User's Guide.

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