Copying Images from Websites into Reports

This document explains how to copy an image from a website directly into a report in WinTOTAL.

Document 5029  |  Last updated:  12/29/2016 LD1

To copy images from websites into a report:

  1. Browse to the website containing the image you wish to copy.
  2. When you find the image, right-click it and choose Copy.

  3. Now, open WinTOTAL and navigate to the addenda or photo page into which you wish to paste your image.
  4. In the addenda or photo page, right-click over the location you wish to place your image. Specifically, if you want to paste your image into a photo slot on an image page, right-click over the slot you wish to paste it into.
  5. If you're pasting into a photo page, choose Paste Photo, otherwise, if you're pasting into an addendum, simply choose Paste.

Your photo should now appear in WinTOTAL. If you need to optimize it, annotate it, or otherwise manipulate it, you can now do so using our Image Optimizer.

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