Recover a report that can't be found or opened (Aurora)

Learn how to recover reports from WinTOTAL's backup files.

Document 5027  |  Last updated:  03/15/2017 ACN

If you experience an error message stating “The report cannot be saved because the file no longer exists in the location where it was originally opened" or "Zip File Structure Invalid" when attempting to open a report, there may be an issue with the saved copy of the report on your hard drive. To attempt recovery of your report, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Appraisal Desktop and click the folder in which the appraisal was located.

    If you have a copy of the file you wish to recover in your files list

    1. Left-click the file, then right-click it.
    2. In the menu that appears, click View Selected Recoverable Files. A list of recoverable versions of your selected file appear. Keep in mind that if no files appear, there are no backups of the file you selected to recover.

    If you don't have a copy of the file you wish to recover in your files list

    Click the Tools menu and choose View Recoverable Files.

  2. You then have two different types of files:
    • [OPEN] files are those where "pieces" of the appraisal are still open. This type of recoverable file should still have most of your changes.
    • [BACKUP] files are useful if the appraisal doesn't appear at all. The backup file is a copy made the last time you saved.
  3. You can restore either the backup, or piece together the [OPEN] file by moving your cursor over the file description, right-clicking it, and choosing Recover from the fly-out menu, or by clicking the Recover button in the toolbar.

The report should disappear from view as it returns to the list of all active reports. Recovered reports appear in your file cabinet with a "Recovered" label in the description column.

To return to the All Reports view, click All Reports.

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