Square Foot Adjuster Missing (Aurora Only)

This document walks you through the process of adding the Square Foot Adjuster button to the toolbar in Aurora using the custom toolbars feature.

Document 5018  |  Last updated:  04/24/2015 LD1

To add the Square Foot Adjuster button to the toolbar:

  1. In WinTOTAL, right-click the toolbar and click Customize.
  2. When the Customize window appears, click the Commands tab.

  3. Click Tools in the Categories list and then scroll down through the Commands list until you find Square Foot Adjuster.
  4. Click Square Foot Adjuster and drag it to a place you'd like to place it in the toolbar. When your mouse is hovering above the location you wish to place the button, drop it to snap it into your toolbar.

  5. Click Close in the Customize window to return to WinTOTAL.

You can now launch the Square Foot Adjuster with the new button in the toolbar. For more information about how to customize toolbars, see the Creating Custom Toolbars section in the Configuration chapter of the WinTOTAL User Guide.

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