Reset WinTOTAL toolbar (Aurora Only)

You can save a ton of time by getting your flood maps straight from TOTAL and WinTOTAL. This document shows you how.

Document 5013  |  Last updated:  04/24/2015 KMG

To reset your toolbar in WinTOTAL Aurora:

  1. Open a report in WinTOTAL and go to a form.
  2. To the right of the rightmost button on the toolbar, click the small, downward‑pointing arrow. A list of all toolbar buttons is displayed.

  3. Select Reset Toolbar from the list.

Your toolbar should now be reset back to the defaults and any technical issues pertaining to buttons malfunctioning should be resolved. For more information about how to customize toolbars, see the Customize Your Toolbars section in the Configure WinTOTAL chapter of the WinTOTAL User Guide.

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