Backing up and moving WinTOTAL with Vault

This document outlines the process of moving WinTOTAL Aurora with Vault.

Document 5006  |  Last updated:  12/29/2016 MJY

These instructions are for backing up and moving WinTOTAL using Vault with Exact.  If you're looking for instructions on backing up and moving WinTOTAL without Vault, click here.

Outlined below are the three basic steps you’ll take to back up WinTOTAL on your old PC, then reinstall WinTOTAL and restore all of your data on your new PC:

  1. Ensure that WinTOTAL and Vault is installed on the new computer.
  2. Backup all of your files and databases (QuickLists, etc.) with Vault and Exact from your old PC.
  3. Restore all of your files and databases to your new PC.
If you're moving Aurora to a new server, follow the steps below on both your old and new server.  Afterwards, you'll need to consult the WinTOTAL Networking Guide to get the workstations networked to the new server.  Click here to download the WinTOTAL Networking Guide.

1. Install WinTOTAL and Vault on your New PC

Before getting started, make sure that WinTOTAL is installed on the computer where you plan to transfer your data.  Click here to log in to your account and begin the download, or click here for step-by-step instructions on downloading and installing WinTOTAL.

Consider taking the time to download and install TOTAL while you're here, as well.

Next, download and install any WinTOTAL updates on the new PC:

  1. Press Windows Key + R.

  2. In the Run dialog, type UPDWIZ.exe in the Open: field and click OK.

Once you've finished installing your updates, run WinTOTAL's database verification scripts to ensure your new computer is on the latest database version:

  1. Press Windows key + R on your keyboard.

    Windows Key+R

  2. In the Open: field, type tsa, and press Enter.  Or, go to Start, [All] Programs, WinTOTAL, and open the Tech Support Assistant.

    Run dialog

  3. Select WinTOTAL Utilities and click Next.
  4. On the left double-click 1. Database verification scripts.
  5. In the window that appears, select DBV0046 and click OK.

    Verify database scripts from DBV0046

Once WinTOTAL has finished verifying its databases, close any windows that were left open.  Now, it's time to install Vault.  Click here to log in to your account and begin the download, or click here for step-by-step instructions on downloading and installing Vault.

2. Back up your data

This portion of the process is broken up into two parts:  Backing up and restoring your data from Vault, and backing up and moving your Images database.

The instructions below are meant to be followed on your old computer.  If you no longer have access to the PC itself (e.g., you have the hard drive connected to your new PC), you will have to follow the steps in our Moving WinTOTAL Aurora without Vault document here.

Backing up your files with Vault

When properly configured, Vault and Exact will backup your reports and databases (such as your QuickLists) automatically and at a pre-determined time.  However, it's good to double-check the backups prior to decommissioning your old PC.  Here's how:

For Windows 7:
Click Start, All Programs, a la mode Vault, Send Files to Vault.
For Windows 8:
Click Start, type Send Files to Vault, and press Enter.

For detailed instructions on backing up your reports to Vault, click here.

Backing up your databases with Exact

For Windows 7:
Click Start, All Programs, a la mode Vault, Backup Your Preferences.
For Windows 8:
Click Start, type Backup Your Preferences, and press Enter.

For detailed instructions on backing up your databases to Exact, click here.

Backing up your images folder

Vault doesn't backup your images folder, so you'll have to manually back up and restore that folder.  To accomplish this, you'll need an external hard drive (or USB flash drive of sufficient capacity).

  1. First, browse to the location of your WinTOTAL directory.  The default location for the WinTOTAL directory is C:\a la mode\WinTOTAL (or C:\Win2000 if you upgraded from Athena).
  2. Now, locate the Images folder, right-click it, and choose Copy in the menu that appears.

  3. Finally, navigate to your external hard drive, right-click in an empty space, and choose Paste.

Now, you're ready to move on to the next portion of the document — restoring all of your files to your new PC.

If you also need to move your TOTAL Sketch labels and settings, click here for more information.

3. Moving to your new PC

Before moving your data to the new PC, make sure you have installed Vault and WinTOTAL, downloaded and installed any updates, and ran your database verification scripts.  For instructions on this process, click here to return to that section at the beginning of this document.  Then, continue below:

  1. If you haven't already, ensure that WinTOTAL is closed on your new computer.  Now, move your external hard drive to the new computer.
  2. Select the Images folder that you copied from the old computer, right-click them, and choose Copy.
  3. Browse to C:\a la mode\WinTOTAL, right-click in a blank area, and choose Paste.  Or, simply press Ctrl+V on your keyboard.

Now, you're ready to recover your reports and databases from Vault.  Here's how:

Retrieving your files from Vault

  1. Using Internet Explorer, log into your Vault account at and click Files in the toolbar at the top.
  2. In the list of files that appear, find the files you want to retrieve from Vault and check the boxes to the left of each report to mark it.
  3. Click Retrieve, and choose where to save the files.  By default, Vault automatically downloads your files to a new Vault Restore folder in WinTOTAL.

For more in-depth instructions on restoring your files from Vault, click here.

Restoring your databases

To retrieve and restore your settings from Exact:

For Windows 7:
Click Start, All Programs, a la mode Vault, Recover Your Preferences.
For Windows 8:
Click Start, type Backup Your Preferences, and press Enter.
  1. After the opening screen, click Next and confirm your connection type.
  2. Click Next again and confirm your login information.  You shouldn’t need to make any changes here, so click Next again.
  3. Once your account has been verified, you’re given the option to use either the Easy Recover or the Advanced Recover feature.  For this, just select Easy Recover and click Next.
  4. After your preferences are restored, simply click Finish to close the Recovery Wizard window.

For detailed instructions on recovering your databases from Exact, click here.

That's it!  WinTOTAL is now restored and ready for use.

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