Billing & Tracking Processes (Aurora Only)

If you've just started using WinTOTAL Aurora and were accustomed to Athena, this doc will help you use your XSite's tracking and billing features.

Document 5003  |  Last updated:  12/29/2016 LD1

Why Use an XSite for Billing & Tracking?

Simply put, we can add more of the features and capabilities you’ve been asking for in a web environment, rather than a desktop product like WinTOTAL.  By using your XSite, you can work with appraisers at different locations and no longer have your invoices tied to your File Cabinet.  You can even have an office manager — who doesn’t have a WinTOTAL installation — create and assign orders using the XSite, which will then push them to WinTOTAL.  Once you install Aurora and enter XSite information in your office settings (click Options then Change Office Settings to set it up) you’ll see a new Business Management shortcut in your XSite’s top toolbar.

Reports completed in Aurora can automatically be delivered to your client via your XSite (even if they’ve never been on your XSite before), and you can see at a glance who your top customers are, as well as a quick status of your workload.  With that change, you gain — among other things — a unified system with reliability, simplicity, office security, much greater flexibility for offices with more than two appraisers, an independent order tracking and billing database manageable from any Internet connection, and improved client communications.

Do I Need to Enter Orders on my XSite to Track Them & Use XSite Delivery?

No.  We have a new “XSite integration” feature in the Order PowerView that automatically pushes all orders to your XSite.  This saves you from re-keying data and all your orders are centralized in one convenient place.

Can I Track Orders without an XSite?

Yes.  Just clear the check box in the Order PowerView options for XSite Integration.  The Tracking folders in the Appraisal Desktop even have a filter that lets you see WinTOTAL orders only, XSite orders only, or all orders so they’re easier to manage.

Where Do I Set Up Fee Tables & Splits?

This is also in the Business Management section of your XSite.  Log into your XSite, go to Business Management, and click Options.

How Do I Run Management Reports?

This is in the Business Management section of your XSite.  Just log into your XSite, go to Business Management, and click Reporting.

Can I Still Create an Invoice in WinTOTAL?

Of course.  In the Order PowerView, you can enter invoice information — making sure to mark the option for Extended Billing in the pane on the left — then add one of the [Automatic] invoice forms.

If you type in the invoice form, WinTOTAL automatically updates the Order PowerView.  If you type in the Order PowerView, it updates the invoice form.  And an invoice record is created on your XSite if you own one.

Do I Need to Unsign my Report to Edit my Invoice?

No.  To simplify the process of editing invoices on the fly, we've made it possible for you to edit an invoice and edit it without even opening the report.  To edit an invoice on the fly, click the Order Form tab at the bottom of the screen in the Appraisal Desktop and find the report containing the invoice you wish to edit.  When the info for that order loads, click Edit in the toolbar in the middle of the screen.  Now, just edit your invoice as necessary and click Save when you're finished.

How Do I Create XSite Login Accounts for my Clients?

While in WinTOTAL's Contacts database, just enter a username and password for your client.  They can then use this login you created to log into your XSite to place orders, view status, and download completed PDF's of their appraisals.  Click here for more information on creating client login accounts.

How Do I Set Up Sub-accounts & Reassign Orders on my XSite?

We’ve made this a lot easier in Aurora and this new version of XSites because all contacts are now pulled from the same list and you can associate a contact in WinTOTAL with a user on your XSite.  Reassigning an order is as easy as opening the order and choosing a different appraiser from the drop‑down in the order form.

  • If you want your appraisers to manage their own orders, set status, and deliver to clients, you need to create a user account on your XSite for them by going to User Management then associate the appraiser in the Aurora contacts list with the XSite user.
  • If your appraisers don’t manage their own orders, make sure to create a contact in WinTOTAL for each appraiser. Ensure their contact type is marked as “Appraiser,” too.
  • To reassign an order, just go into the Order PowerView and choose the appraiser from the drop‑down list.

How Do I Send Status Messages to my Clients?

You can send status from within WinTOTAL or your XSite.  As long as you have the XSite integration enabled, the status will be updated automatically in both places.

How Do I Create Orders on Behalf of my Clients?

All you need to do is select the client in your order form.  If you’ve configured WinTOTAL to automatically synchronize with your XSite, the order will appear just as if the client logged into your site and placed the order themselves.  You have the option to create an XSite login account for your client as described above.

How Do I Keep Appraisers from Seeing Each Others’ Orders & Invoices?

This is configured in the User Management area of your XSite.  Only users with “Order Management” enabled will be able to see orders other than their own.  Likewise, only users with “Accounting” enabled will be able to create invoices and run reports.

How Do I Enter Payments for Orders?

There are several ways to do this. You can enter them into the Order PowerView in WinTOTAL, or you can right-click the report from your File Cabinet and choose Mark as Paid.  Or, when viewing invoices under your XSite’s Business Management, click the Enter Client Payments link.  You can also edit any invoice when viewing an order on your XSite and enter payments.

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