Converting GPS Coordinates to Decimal Notation

Address verification is made possible through geocoding. Approximately 25% of addresses are not yet geocoded, resulting in the inability to automatically place some properties on a map. If you have a Global Position System (GPS), it can provide a property's latitude and longitude while onsite - letting WinTOTAL place it on a map for you with the very best accuracy.

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Follow the instructions below to configure WinTOTAL's mapping options to use latitude and longitude:

  1. Enter the subject property’s address on any major form in WinTOTAL.
  2. Click Maps in the toolbar.

  3. Click Options in the Map pages pane on the lower left.

  4. Check the Display property details… box and click OK.

  5. Click New Map on the upper left. If the Map Options are displayed again, click OK to continue.

  6. Select Use GPS coordinates on the upper left.

  7. In the latitude field, enter positive coordinates in decimal format. For example, if the latitudinal coordinates are N41 degrees, 01’ 20”, enter 41.12 in the latitude field.

    You do not enter leading zeros when converting your coordinates to decimal notation.
  8. In the longitude field, enter negative coordinates in decimal format. For example, if the longitudinal coordinates are W111 degrees 58’ 04”, you must enter -111.5804 in the longitude field.

  9. Click Next on the upper right to create your map.

Longitude and latitude are often listed as Degrees, Minutes and Seconds. (For example: N42 57’ 15.7”) Notice that the seconds coordinate in this example is not an even number. When you change coordinates like these to decimal notation, you will have to do some minor calculations to ensure your property is mapped correctly.

There are sixty minutes in a degree and sixty seconds in a minute.
  1. Divide seconds by 60 to convert seconds to a fraction of a minute. For example: 15.7 / 60 = 0.2616 minutes.
  2. Add that result to the minutes coordinate For example:  0.2616 + 57 = 57.2616 minutes.
  3. Next, divide the new minutes total by 60 to convert minutes to a fraction of a degree. For example:  57.2616 / 60 = 0.95436 degrees.
  4. Add that result to the degrees coordinate. For example:  0.95436 + 42 = 42.95436.

Enter this result in the latitude field of the Property Information Window.

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