Advanced Firewall Configuration - Port Blocking

This document discusses the various ports that WinTOTAL uses to communicate with the Internet and explains the changes you must make to your firewall to ensure that WinTOTAL operates seamlessly.

Document 4129  |  Last updated:  12/29/2016 KMG

There are a number of different symptoms that may arise in WinTOTAL as the result of a firewall's interference.  These symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Error messages when connecting to the Internet
  • An inability to download maps, updates, or other Internet data in WinTOTAL
  • An inability to deliver your report(s)
  • In some cases, an inability to open WinTOTAL at all

Before you begin, it's a good idea to clear your PC's Internet cache.  Click here to learn how.

To ensure that your firewall does not block WinTOTAL and a la mode products:

  1. First, be sure that you've covered all the steps in our Firewall Configuration Tech Doc. Ideally, these steps should be all you need in order to use your firewall with WinTOTAL and other a la mode products.
  2. If you're still experiencing problems after you've run through the steps above AND you're certain that your firewall is the cause of the problem you can free up the ports listed below for outgoing Internet traffic. Since its imperative to your PC's security that you only open these ports for outgoing Internet access and since the exact steps on this process vary dramatically from one firewall to the next, we recommend that you only follow these steps if you're familiar with the process of configuring your firewall's port settings or with the help of a local technician.  The ports that require full outbound Internet access are:
Port Protocol Product Usage
21 FTP Vault/Exact For file transfer
25, 80 SMTP WinTOTAL/CertMail For e‑mail delivery
80 HTTP Any a la mode product For basic Internet connectivity
110 POP3 WinTOTAL/CertMail For e‑mail retrieval
443 SSL Any a la mode web-based products Secure HTTPS connection used to protect the data transmitted to them from interception
8080 HTTP WinTOTAL/InterFlood For flood map retrieval
143 IMAP CertMail For e‑mail delivery/retrieval

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