Uninstalling WinTOTAL Athena

This document explains how to completely remove WinTOTAL Athena from your computer.

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The steps in this document completely remove all parts of WinTOTAL Athena, including any data files, reports, databases, or images you may have stored in Athena.  If you're concerned about losing data, contact a local technician to help you create a backup of your files, or use Vault with Exact to back up your appraisal files and settings.

a la mode, technologies, llc. is not responsible for any loss of data that might occur by following these directions.

The following steps assume you have general knowledge of your Windows operating system, and have installed Athena in the default directory of C:\WIN2000.

  1. Close WinTOTAL completely, then right-click the Guru icon in your system tray, and select Exit.
  2. Click Start, Search, For File or Folders (Windows 98 users will need to click Start, Find, For Files or Folders).
  3. In the Named field, enter Guru.inf.  Then in the Look In field, select the drive WinTOTAL is installed on from the drop‑down menu and click Find Now.
  4. When the search completes, right‑click the Guru.inf file which displays and select Install.  Complete this step on every PC that automatically loads the Guru at startup.  This process removes the registry entry that causes the Guru to load automatically.  Failure to do so results in receiving an error message upon startup; “cannot find the file Guru.exe”.
  5. Now back in the Named field, type Win2000.  Again, in the Look In field, make sure to select the drive where WinTOTAL is installed and click Find Now.
  6. When the search completes, press Ctrl + A to select all the items found and then press Delete.
  7. A message appears asking; “Are you sure you want to remove the folder WIN2000 and move all of its contents to the Recycle Bin?”.  Click Yes.
  8. When asked to verify that you want to delete the files, click Yes to All.
  9. In the Named field, type alamode.ini.  In the Look In field, select your C drive.
  10. When the search completes, right-click the alamode.ini file and select Delete.
  11. When asked to verify that you want to delete the file, click Yes.
  12. Next, right-click Start and select Explore (or Explore All Users, if an option).
  13. The Exploring window automatically opens with the Start Menu folder selected.  The Start menu sub-folders display immediately below the Start Menu folder.
  14. Click the plus sign [+] in front of the Programs folder.  Programs listed in your Programs menu display in the right-hand pane of the Exploring window.
  15. Right‑click the WinTOTAL file folder and select Delete.
  16. A Confirm Folder Delete message displays.  Click Yes.

Athena is now completely removed from your computer.

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