Titan Office FAQ

This document answers some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about Titan Office.

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Benefits and Functions:

Pricing and Availability:

Benefits and Functions:

What is Titan Office?

Titan Office is a cloud‑based appraisal management solution with all the tools you need to run your company with fewer hassles and more profit. You have all your business resources right in your toolbar that work seamlessly with TOTAL and Titan Reports. There are even features to help you get paid faster — like built‑in billing so you can send invoices with custom reminders and credit card processing.

Does Titan Office work with WinTOTAL Aurora?

Titan Office works seamlessly with our current formfillers, TOTAL and Titan Reports. While you can still run Titan Office independently of WinTOTAL Aurora to track and bill your orders, to be able to use all the features of Titan Office you need to upgrade to TOTAL.

Can I link an existing report in TOTAL to an order in Titan Office?

Yes. From TOTAL, simply open the report you want to link to the Assignment PowerView. Then, click the Link Titan Office Order button in the Order Form Options section. You're prompted to link your report to an existing Titan Office order or create a new order. At the moment, this is a one‑time sync.

How do I set up fee tables and splits?

From the User Settings menu, select Office Settings. You're automatically taken to the Job Types table where you can click any Job Type and set up the default fee and turn‑time. You can also add the fee table across all clients for this job type or set them individually.

Can I send status messages to my clients?

You can send automatic status emails to customers such as Inspection Scheduled, Inspection Complete, and Revision Needed. As a bonus, you can also send internal staff messaging and include notes as needed.

What kind of reporting is available in Titan Office and how will it help me with my appraisal business?

With reporting options like Trending, Pipeline status, ROI‑Accounting, Order to Payment, and Revision Requests, Titan Office makes it easy to see and understand what's happening inside your business. The reports available with Titan Office are robust and customizable. You also have the option of selecting data fields to build a custom report from scratch. Titan Office shows you the data points you would need to set up trending analysis at a glance for all business functions like accounting, productivity, and customer tracking.

Is there a way to apply a single client check to multiple invoices?

Within the Accounting screen, click Pay Clients, and select the invoices. The check amount automatically populates to the total amount of all invoices selected. If the check is less than the total sum of all invoices, you're able to edit the Amount column on each individual invoice line.

How do I update an order with a revision request?

Open the order, click Add Status, and select either Modification Requested (Client) or Modification Requested (Internal). Then you're able to enter the details of the revision in the Notes section. When you select Save the status and notes are added to the order history.

How do I remove Complete status from an order when done in error?

Open the order, click Add Status, and select Resume in the drop-down menu. This changes the status back to In Progress.

Is there a way to remove data columns from my accounting grid?

Within the accounting grid, select the Columns drop down, and choose Add or Remove for any columns of data you no longer wish to appear in your grid.

Pricing and Availability:

When will Titan Office be ready?

Titan Office is available now from our Sales department. Call us at 1‑800‑ALAMODE for more information.

How much does it cost?

Click here for pricing info, or call our Sales team at 1‑800‑ALAMODE.

Why would I give access to my non‑admin staff?

With Titan Office you can assign work to anyone with a seat, and then set permissions to determine what access level or features you want to give to non‑admin staff. For example, you can purchase a seat for your staff appraiser, and then restrict access to accounting and reporting features. Unless set as an Admin user, each seat only gives a user access to their individual items. Click here for more information about user roles and permissions.

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