How to export data from San Diego County real estate listings (SANDICOR) for Titan Analytics

This document explains how to export data from San Diego County real estate listings (SANDICOR) and create a CSV file for use in the Titan Analytics 1004MC and analytics charts.

Document 3111  |  Last updated:  03/12/2018 SPB

Follow the instructions below to export data from Sandicor MLS and save it as a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file, and then import it to use in Titan Analytics:

  1. To export a CSV from the SANDICOR MLS for use in Titan Analytics, you first start by doing your search to get the market data. Be sure to include active and off market properties. You can also use dates beyond 365 days as Titan Analytics will use the last 12 months for the 1004MC but incorporate dates for all properties in the graphs.
  2. Once your search results are on screen, navigate to Available Reports and expand the Spreadsheets folder.

  3. The Paragon system allows you to modify the entries here, so hopefully you’ll see something listed that you don’t use currently. In this example, we’re going to click "Inventory" spreadsheet and use it for Titan Analytics.
  4. After you click Inventory, the columns will reflect that export – but we’re going to change them all to suit our needs.
  5. Click the Customize menu and choose Fields.

  6. Once the Field Prefs screen comes up, click Remove All to clear out the Inventory spreadsheet.
  7. Now, go through the process of selecting the fields Titan Analytics will use.
    You can add the fields in any order and the sorting doesn’t matter. Also, you can use the Search field at the top of the screen to quickly find all fields relating to "date" or "price".
  8. Select each of the fields from the list on the left, and click Add. You can add these fields in any order.
    • City
    • Close Date
    • Close Price
    • Contract Date
    • Days on Market
    • Distressed (bank owned, foreclosure, etc.)
    • Estimated Square Feet
    • Expiration Date
    • List Price
    • Listing Contract Date
    • Listing ID (MLS #)
    • Off Market Date
    • Pending Date
    • Seller Concession Amount
    • State or Province
    • Status (sold, pending, etc.)
    • Status Date
    • Street Address
    • Withdrawn Date
    • ZIP - Ascending

  9. Once you’ve added all these fields, feel free to add anything else that might be useful to identify outliers.
  10. Now, click Save to save the columns. You should see your revised spreadsheet on screen.
  11. Click the Export menu and choose Export to CSV.

  12. Click the Export menu and choose Manage Custom Reports.
  13. Choose the option for All Listings and make sure the spreadsheet you customized is selected. Then, click Export.

  14. Be sure the Titan Analytics option we just created is selected from the drop‑down menu. Then, click Export.
  15. Your CSV will be downloaded to your browser and usually saved in your downloads folder.
  16. When prompted for your CSV file in Titan Analytics, simply drag this file into the window, or use the Browse function to manually locate it.

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