Export data from RMLSWeb in Oregon and Washington

How to export data for Titan Analytics and QuickSource from RMLSWeb

Document 3016  |  Last updated:  08/19/2020 MK

The following instructions are for the RMLSweb interface in Oregon and Washington. If this isn't your MLS, click here for a list of instructions by MLS platform.

  1. Log in to your MLS and perform your search.
  2. If you use both Titan Analytics and a comps import tool like QuickSource, perform two exports: one with just the subject and comps, and a second with all market data for the 1004MC.
  3. Mark the listings you wish to export.
  4. Click the Select Report drop-down and choose Export.
  5. Click the Select Export Definition dropdown and choose Export Residental
  6. Click GO.
  7. When promoted, click Download.
  8. Save the export file to a convenient location such as your Windows desktop so that you can easily browse to it from TOTAL, QuickSource or Titan Analytics when prompted.

That's it!  The CSV export file for your current assignment is now ready. Just click Browse and go to the location where you saved it in the last step whenever using MLS data in TOTAL, Titan Analytics or QuickSource.

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