CLVS pre-delivery check

This document explains how to run a report through the CLVS pre-delivery check.

Document 2069  |  Last updated:  12/12/2016 MJY

The CLVS pre‑delivery check is for CLVS orders only.  Orders that originate from other delivery partners can be delivered using the normal delivery plugin without going through a pre‑delivery check.  Any non-CLVS orders that are run through pre‑delivery check will fail the CLVS ProQuality Review.

TOTAL Connect Pro's pre‑delivery check allows you to complete your client's review process prior to signing and delivering the report.  This streamlines your delivery process and allows you to make adjustments and provide commentary in the report during your final review, as opposed to cancelling the delivery, returning to the report, and unsigning it to correct any issues.  The commentary you provide during the pre‑delivery check is added to your report as a text addendum.  Click here to view frequently asked questions about the CLVS pre‑delivery check.

  1. Click Deliver to Client, hover over Pre-Delivery Check, and select CoreLogic Valuation Solutions from the list.

    TOTAL Connect Pro pre-delivery check

    If your report is open, make sure to keep it open until the pre‑delivery check is complete.  If the report is closed when you begin the pre‑delivery check, don't open the report until the pre‑delivery check is complete.

  2. Enter your CLVS VendorID, your Username and Password, and the Order # in the fields provided.  The Vendor ID is provided by CLVS, and the username and password are the same as your username and password for the CLVS website.  If you don't have the username or password, you can retrieve it from the CoreLogic Valuation Solutions Website.  Click here to use the password recovery process on their site.
  3. Once you've entered the Vendor ID, Username, Password, and Order #, indicate whether or not any undue influence was placed on you during the completion of the order.  If you select Yes, provide an explanation in the text box that appears.

  4. When you're finished entering the CLVS Order Info, click Submit to ProQuality to begin the ProQuality Review.
    The rules and questions generated by the pre‑delivery check are created by CoreLogic Valuation Solutions.  If you're not sure how to answer a specific question, or if you need clarification on a rule, please contact CoreLogic Valuation Solutions for further assistance.
  5. Once the review has finished, the final status is displayed.  Click the panel below that corresponds to the ProQuality Review Final Status for your report to continue with the instructions:

Click here if your report did not pass the CLVS ProQuality Review.

  1. If your report doesn't pass, click Review Results on the lower right to view a breakdown of the rules that were triggered, review the ProQuality Review results, and provide additional commentary on your report, if necessary.

    Report did not pass

  2. In the screen that appears, click Review Results to open and work through the ProQuality Review results.  You're able to make changes to your report while working through the ProQuality Review as long as it's unsigned.  Click Provide Commentary to answer any questions returned by CLVS and provide additional information about your report, if necessary:

    Review Results
    Click Review Results below the ProQuality Review Results to open a separate window where you can view each rule that was triggered individually.
    • When the ProQuality Welcome screen appears, click View Details to review each rule that was triggered.

    • Click Next to increment to the next rule that was triggered, or click Back to view the previous rule.  Use the navigation on the left to jump to a specific section of rules.

      If your report is unsigned, you can edit it while working in the ProQuality Review.
    • If a warning must be acknowledged, review the warning details, click the orange Acknowledge button in the middle at the top, and click Next to proceed to the next rule.  Click Guide Me for additional information or help with a specific rule.

    Provide Commentary
    Click Provide Commentary to open a separate window to review and answer any questions that were returned by CoreLogic Valuation Solutions.  Each question that was returned must be answered before the report will pass the CLVS pre‑delivery check.  When you're finished, make sure you've saved your answers by clicking Save & Close.

  3. Once you have reviewed and acknowledged any rules that were triggered, and answered any questions that were returned, click Resubmit to ProQuality to begin the review process again and start over with Step 5.  If you're unable to resolve an error or warning returned by the ProQuality Review, or if you belive the information is correct and no changes are needed, please contact CoreLogic Valuation Solutions for assistance with obtaining a Review Override Code.

  4. Continue to revise your report until it passes the ProQuality Review.  When your report passes, the ProQuality Review is complete.  Click Close to return to your formfilling software.  You can now deliver your report via the CoreLogic Valuation Solutions (CLVS) plugin to complete the assignment.  Click here to view frequently asked questions about the CoreLogic Valuation Solutions delivery plugin.

Click here if your report passed the CLVS ProQuality Review.

If your report passes with zero rules needing to be reviewed and zero questions pending, you're finished!  Simply click Save & Close to complete the CLVS PreCheck and return to your report.  Then, sign the report and deliver it as you normally would.  Click here to view frequently asked questions about the CoreLogic Valuation Solutions delivery plugin.

Report Passed

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