Associating a report with a Mercury Network or TOTAL Connect Pro Order (Aurora)

See how order association works in WinTOTAL Aurora, and fix common issues caused by order association problems.

Document 2022  |  Last updated:  12/29/2016 MJY

TOTAL Connect Pro and Mercury Network give you access to participating lenders, banks, and AMCs for a larger client base — nationwide, if you like. Of course, these plugins also help you efficiently deliver your report to your clients in the file formats they need while maintaining compliance with HVCC rules.

When you receive an email, text, or fax notification of a new order from one of these clients, there's a specific "process" for starting the report that's fairly easy. If you didn't follow this process when starting your report, you're likely going to run into an error such as "The plugin does not support the order associated with this report" or "The report you are attempting to deliver does not have an associated order."

These errors look something like this:

Error message


No Associated Order

Sometimes, you won't receive an error message at all, but instead when it prompts to associate an order during the delivery process, the order isn't listed.

To remedy the problem, you'll need to associate the report that you have already started with the original order from your client:

  1. Go ahead and follow the prompts on the error message to cancel out of any delivery wizard that might be running, then save and close your report.
  2. After closing your report, go back to the Aurora Appraisal Desktop. If the appraisal desktop is closed, double‑click your WinTOTAL shortcut to open it again.
  3. From the Appraisal Desktop, click the net.X Connect button on the upper left.
  4. In the list of net.X Connect settings, make sure the option Download new & changed orders from XSite is checked, and click Connect on the upper right to download any available orders.
  5. Once WinTOTAL has finished synchronizing with your XSite, open your report again to continue with the order association process.
  6. Once you're back in your file in Aurora, click Tools and choose Associate XSite Order…
  7. In the list that appears, choose the order that corresponds to the report you want to deliver. If you don't see the order in the list, select Show all orders. Once you've selected on your order in the list, click OK.

Now your completed report is associated with the correct XSite order, and you can complete the delivery process knowing that it will go to the right person and all of the right notifications will be sent.

Here's how you prevent this problem in the first place:

When you receive an email or fax notification of a new order, here's how to begin working on the report in WinTOTAL Aurora so that you can deliver without a problem.

  1. Open WinTOTAL Appraisal Desktop, and click the Net.X Connect button on the menu bar.
  2. After your a la mode login is verified, the Net.X Connect window appears. Here, place a check in the box to Download new & changed orders from XSite and Synchronize WinTOTAL and XSite contacts. Then click Connect.
  3. Now, the new order is downloaded and, by default, appears in the New Requests folder in your Appraisal Desktop.
  4. You'll need to acknowledge the new order, which you can do by double‑clicking the order in the File Cabinet. Alternately you can highlight that order in the list, click the Order Form tab at the bottom of the window, then click Acknowledge on the toolbar that appears.
  5. If you've decided to accept the order "as is" you can begin working on the report in WinTOTAL immediately.
  6. When the report is complete, you can deliver it by clicking Deliver to Client on the menu bar at the top. Click here for more about report delivery.

That's it! The steps you just followed ensure that the report is correctly associated with the order that came from your client, and will be delivered to the right person quickly and easily.

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