WinTOTAL Pre-Purchase FAQ

This document answers some of the most common questions about WinTOTAL before purchase.

Document 2000  |  Last updated:  12/30/2014 MJY

Do I have to buy a copy of WinTOTAL for each of my computers?

You only have to buy additional licenses for computers that aren’t connected to your office network or aren’t being used by you (the account holder). For instance, if you have a laptop and a PC for the office you’d only need one license. However, you would need to buy additional licenses for each of your other appraisers or trainees that aren’t connected to your office network.

Do I have to pay extra to run WinTOTAL on a network?

No. You can have as many computers and users on your network as you’d like. You’ll only have to pay for one WinTOTAL license to cover your entire network. Click here to view our WinTOTAL Networking Guide.

Is a sketch program included?

Yes. WinTOTAL includes a free copy of TOTAL Sketch. Click here to learn more about TOTAL Sketch.

What about other sketching applications?

For years, appraisers have told us they want more options. So, rather than continuing to dictate what sketcher you have to use by including just one program, we’ve launched the new Vendor Integration Platform (VIP) that opens up WinTOTAL for sketch integration with any vendor that chooses to participate. All the vendors integrate in the same manner to make it easy for you. In the future, you’ll see all types of vendors, not just sketch providers, integrated seamlessly with WinTOTAL, freeing you to choose the programs that work best for your business. When you're ready to review your sketch options, just open the Market PowerView in WinTOTAL's Appraisal Desktop and you'll be able to shop the list of vendors who integrate with WinTOTAL.

Can you convert my data from my old program?

Yes. Our Conversion Wizard reads your old appraisal files from any popular appraisal package and turns them into WinTOTAL appraisals so that you don’t lose your data. We've also recently released a feature that allows you to convert your contacts, comps database, canned comments and image database. The only form filler whose files cannot be converted is ACI version 8.5.2 and later.

How many forms come with WinTOTAL?

Currently Aurora has 663 US forms and 266 Canadian forms. WinTOTAL includes all the major forms with new and updated ones added all the time for free for membership holders.

Does WinTOTAL come with street maps and flood data?

Yes. WinTOTAL Professional users with a membership get free, unlimited location maps. WinTOTAL Enterprise owners with a membership get the location maps along with flood zone and census tract data. Our competitors offer integration with data programs, but we actually include maps and flood data to save you time and money.

Do you offer tech support?

We have three membership levels with varying phone support hours. Click here to visit the support section of the website.

What does a membership include?

Along with tech support, all memberships include free WinTOTAL updates, new features and new forms, automatically downloaded and installed for you. They also include Internet data (unlimited location maps with WinTOTAL Professional and Enterprise with added flood and census data for WinTOTAL Enterprise users). These are the differences between the membership levels:

  • Silver membership -  Unlimited weekday support from 8AM to 5PM CST, unlimited access to pre-recorded training webinars
  • Gold membership -  Unlimited weekday support from 6AM to 9PM CST, unlimited access to pre-recorded training webinars
  • Platinum Partnership -  Unlimited 24x7x365 priority tech support, free registration to conventions and seminars

Click here to learn more about our memberships.

When I call tech support, will someone actually be there?

Yes. You’ll always talk to a live, highly trained person (right in the good old USA). You don’t have to call someone’s pager only to wait for hours to get help. Our technicians are fast, friendly and always available.

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